Upcoming NFT collection, Dezertdawgz, aims to raise funds to help find homes for 500 street dogs

March 03 13:48 2022

DezertDawgz will soon be releasing a collection of 2222 unique art pieces which will be available as Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the Solana Blockchain. These randomly generated images will be used to raise awareness and funds for their cause.

The street dog rescue mission’s statement is to “rescue, treat, rehabilitate and rehome the street dogs of Qatar.” Based in Qatar, Dezertdawgz is run by a husband-and-wife team who have lived in the Middle East for 8 years. When they arrived, they were soon horrified and appalled at the plight of the many dogs roaming the streets. 

They have been rescuing animals ever since to send them abroad to have better lives, but it is expensive work. Due to the costs involved, they have only been able to rehome around 150 dogs in that time. With this new NFT project, they hope to be able to send 500 of these desperate dogs to new homes before the end of the year with the funds generated. 

Many people are getting blockchain for purely financial reasons or to speculate with it because there are no regulations around cryptocurrencies. However, the Dezertdawgz NFT collection gives people an excellent opportunity to own some unique artwork while simultaneously helping out a good cause.

Qatar has a huge street dog problem, with many dogs being mistreated, abandoned, and left to die in some of the harshest conditions on the planet. These dogs roam freely in residential and industrial areas.

Do love dogs? Take a moment and look at your pet dog. Now try and imagine how they would feel if they were lost and alone with nothing but roaring traffic, rocks and dust for company. Definitely not something you or anyone would want to imagine. 

The Gulf nation has long struggled with animals abandoned by departing expats. The conditions that these dogs are living in are heartbreaking. Plus, the fact that there is so much animal cruelty going on is appalling.

Each image from the Dezertdawgz collection will be accompanied by its PFP (Permanent File URL) and can be adopted by anyone who wishes to support this cause. When you adopt an NFT Dawg, you directly contribute to the rescue of a dog. Street dogs are rescued and rehabilitated and then new loving homes are found for them. Every dog counts, and this organization needs help to make a difference.

Cash donations will also be made to local dog rescue organizations as sales progress and fund ongoing dog rescue activities. For every IRL dog rescued, as a result of this project, one special edition Dezertdawgz NFT from a collection of 500 will be given away. If you hold a Dezertdawgz, you will be eligible for this giveaway and it will entitle the holder to further perks down the line. Additionally, existing holders will also receive free drops of any future Dezertdawgz collections. 

Dezertdawgz will document rescue efforts and the progress made toward the goal of 500 saved dogs on social media. The project launches on 14 March at 0030 GMT. 

You can find and follow Dezertdawgz on Twitter, Instagram and Discord.

Website: https://dezertdawgz.com

Twitter: @dezertdawgz

Instagram: @dezertdawgz

Discord: https://discord.gg/3RR7BWMHnv

Give yourself the warm, fuzzy feeling of doing some good in this harsh world. Adopt a Dawg, save a dog! It’s as simple as that! 

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