Tatiana Pustovit Wins the State Crown of Mrs. Florida US Nation 2022

February 01 18:09 2022

Tatiana Pustovit, an Entrepreneur, Aspiring Fashion Model, and Art Dealer takes home the crown of Mrs. Florida US Nation 2022 on January 16th in Palm Beach Gardens, FL. Her first title entering the competition was Mrs. Miami US Nation 2022 – where she advanced to compete for the state crown in her category. The judges were amazed by Tatiana’s stage presence, confidence, and poise.

Photo Credits to: Smithco Photo Images

Tatiana is a new titleholder with the Miss US Nation Pageants; but in her short time, she has had a chance to be a judge last year and has had several photoshoots with Bella Fashion Designs’ clothing collection to expand her experience as a model. Just as in any profession, Tatiana has overcome challenges along the way in the modeling industry. One of them being placing her full focus and commitment into building herself as a model. “It might look easy, but modeling means professionalism, hard work, and teamwork. Being a model, not only do you need to have good external parameters but also persistence, character, and commitment,“ says Tatiana.

With her new state title, Tatiana will be advancing to the Miss US Nation pageant in October and her goal is to make it to the International Pageant, Miss Nation Universe. Tatiana is no stranger to the industry; being involved in television production and previously having her own TV show in Sochi, she wants to represent her title with class, elegance, and intelligence.

Photo Credits to: Smithco Photo Images

Tatiana advises anyone who would like to try the modeling industry or are curious about it; to go for it and simply be self-confident and happy. As a businesswoman and single mother, she would like to show women that no matter what their age is – it is never too late to pursue what you love doing.

Stay up to date with Tatiana and follow her on Instagram @connections.global

Photo Credits: Smithco Photo Images (Instagram @smithcophotoimages)

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