Dentistry is More Than Just Correcting Tooth Problems

December 21 20:02 2020

Cosmetic dentistry has been on the rise for many years now.  Individuals care about their appearances more and a great smile with well-maintained teeth is a priority for many.  The approach to cosmetic dentistry is also changing however, and dental providers that provide a holistic approach to dentistry are much in demand.  A holistic approach takes into consideration the importance of dental health on all aspects of overall health.  The belief that surrounds holistic dentistry is that oral health does affect health throughout the entire body.  Poor dental care can lead to pain from tooth decay or misalignments in bite.  TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) is common and can lead to headaches, cracked teeth, and even sleep apnea which wakes a person up several times each night.  A dental service such as Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida focuses on this overall cosmetic and holistic approach, providing not just a great smile, but a healthy mouth, with routine services such as cleanings, extractions, straightening and fillings in addition to all the cosmetic procedures. 

The approach of combining routine dental care, and cosmetic procedures, ensures the best health

Teeth should be straightened to prevent problems and regular dental hygiene stressed.  Cavities should be fixed and cracked, broken teeth can be remedied with the latest technologies in implantation and other procedures.  Oxygen therapy is an offering at Advanced Dental Wellness Center which is revolutionary and gaining momentum each year in popularity.  Oxygen therapy is used to calm individuals during the dental procedure and to oxygenate an area that is having issues such as a cavity or gum disease.  It can prevent the spread of bacteria from the area onto other areas. Dental fear is common and oxygen therapy can do a lot to prevent dental phobias.  Dental phobias can lead individuals to put off much needed procedures.  Using the holistic approach which includes oxygen therapy, helps dental phobic patients to relax and handle routine dentistry easily.  Once dental phobias are conquered, all dental work is easier to perform and even cosmetic procedures if needed, are no longer feared.  This leads to an overall great smile and better health. 

Dental work that is postponed or avoided altogether can cause all manner of problems

Chewing can be impaired leading to poor nutrition which causes vitamin deficiencies.  Social settings can be avoided as well, since individuals with cracked, yellowed, or missing teeth do tend to avoid smiling, speaking, and getting involved with others.  Sleep as mentioned can be disrupted. The social aspects that are avoided because of poor teeth can lead to isolation and even sometimes depression because of the lack of socialization.  With the availability now of holistic and cosmetic dentistry there is no longer any reason to delay any type of dental treatments that are needed.

About Advanced Dental Wellness Center

Advanced Dental Wellness Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida focuses on all aspects of dentistry from routine maintenance to tooth straightening, tooth whitening, and even all cosmetic procedures.  Appointments are easy to book using an online booking form on the website.  There is also a contact form, email, and phone number.  A blog exists for information, and specials for new patients are available.  Hours of operation are listed along with all patient forms.  Testimonials from satisfied patients exist, and there is even a before and after gallery of pictures.  The approach is holistic in nature.  Much insurance are accepted. 

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