Private Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centres Can Be More Effective Against Relapse and Affordable

December 21 19:51 2020

Addiction of any type can be problematic whether it is drugs, alcohol, or even smoking.  Addictions can even encompass eating too much or gambling too much. When something becomes a habit that cannot be stopped at will, it is indeed, an addiction. Although the government of Canada does provide public health resources and facilities for addicted individuals, both inpatient and outpatient, the waiting lists for this can be long. Many times, an addict cannot wait months or even over a year for assistance. They need help the most when they hit “rock bottom.”  This means the addiction has impacted every facet of their lives and they can no longer function normally. Canada recognizes the needs of addicted individuals, the causes and many other factors surrounding addiction. Unfortunately, the need for services to combat addiction can be overwhelming and addicts may find themselves waiting for services especially with the public health services. While the government of Canada pays for addiction services, many private and non-profit groups can be a better choice for addicts in dire need because of the waiting period involved. 

Private inpatient and outpatient rehabilitation are not as costly as one might think. 

Although the time spent in a facility and the severity of the addiction, as well as the substance or substances abused (and many Canadians have two or more addictions), has an impact on cost, the ability to get treatment immediately can make a big difference in later outcome. Some substances that are abused, such as alcohol, can have serious physical impacts, and a medically supervised inpatient treatment plan is needed, while smoking can generally be treated on an outpatient basis. The time spent and the money does depend greatly on the question of relapse, and a program that prevents relapse in an addiction problem is always worth the money.  Inpatient services can roughly run from 300 CAD per day and up, while outpatient programs can vary from 100 CAD per session to 500 CAD per session.  The variables determine the costs overall. The costs of maintaining an addiction, however, can be quite high, as the addict can spend thousands per week on substances if heavily addicted. 

1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre located in the beautiful 1000 Islands regions of Ontario, can advise on costs.

This facility provides both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation for all types of addictions, from mild to severe. The facilities are easily accessible, and a treatment plan is implemented for both the initial approach as well as a long-term plan for staying clean and sober. The staff and counsellors are well trained and there are facilities nearby for any medically supervised addiction needs. The approach is one of total health and wellness of mind and body and has been successfully used for scores of patients throughout the years. 

About 1000 Islands Addictions Treatment Centre

This facility provides both inpatient and outpatient treatment of all types of addictions. Treatment plans are based on length of addiction and severity of addiction as well as type of addiction. There is a website,, an online form, a phone number, a learning centre where information exists about addictions, plus an online assessment form to use confidentially to ascertain whether an addiction exists. Medical facilities are nearby for medically supervised withdrawal from substances if this is needed.  There is a shuttle from a nearby airport for patients and families.

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