Director of Buddies, Marcelo Galvao, starts working on his American debut

August 12 16:33 2019

Director of Buddies, Marcelo Galvão, start working on his American debut After directing The Killer, the first Netflix’s original Brazilian movie and Buddies, a comedy starring actors with Down Syndrome, Marcelo Galvão is ready to explore the American film industry.

Fourth Grade B is an American remake of a project released in Brazil in 2005, called Quarta B. The feature film depicts how parents deal with an alarming concern in their children’s school after the found of drugs inside of their classroom.

The project is now in pre-production and will be shot in Los Angeles in late November. “This project represents my American debut, since will be my first movie completely developed in the US. At the same time, this project is special to me because it’s a remake of my first feature film as a director in Brazil” says Galvão.

His whole film crew will be working with him for the first time, except for the editor, Rafaela Rocha. The young talent has worked by his side for three years and is responsible for the editing of ten movies, including “Three lives and a dream”, a documentary about the actors of the movie “Buddies” and their mothers.

Rafaela Rocha has worked in 15 featured films developed in the US, including Zoe, The Miracle Season and Singularity. “Her experience with the American film industry and connections will be extremely valuable for the success of Fourth Grade B”, states Galvão.

A statistic from MMPA 2018 shows that 14% of the women in the industry are editors. It is common for directors to keep collaboration with the same editor once they detect this partnership. It is the case of Martin Scorsese and Thelma schoonmaker. The director maintains collaboration for over thirty years with his editor.

The Fourth Grade B is expected to hit American theaters on the fall of 2020.

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