Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP) Stood Out In Three Categories For The Second Cycle Of The HBC 2022 International Awards

January 04 14:18 2023

Dubai, UAE – Another cycle of International Awards issued by the Harvard Business Council (NY, USA) has successfully concluded on November 10, 2022. 

Of the 531 candidates for victory, only 60 have reached the most coveted milestone; among them is Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects (DAEP). The leading engineering organization responsible for the master planning, design, infrastructure development, and construction of Dubai’s dynamic aviation sector stood out in the Business Sustainability Award, Project Award and Green Award, earning DAEP the Diamond level in all three categories. 

The organization attained special distinction in the Business Sustainability Award thanks to its visionary leadership emphasizing on operational resilience by encouraging a proactive approach across all work disciplines despite challenging or uncertain conditions. DAEP has developed a robust organizational management framework toward successful sustainability practices that allow for rapid changes in its dynamic environment. These measures ensure clear-cut achievement of objectives, effective risk mitigation and enables a much better response to drivers of change. In addition, the organization enhances its business continuity planning through well-defined strategic goals as well as fostering a culture of innovation for opportunity and growth. 

The Project Award received strong recognition owing to the innovative and efficient management of DAEP’s North Runway Rehabilitation Project. These developments aim to boost growth of the air transport industry in the Emirate of Dubai thereby enhancing overall passenger experience as well as ensuring the durability of airport infrastructure through state-of-the-art, technology-driven and sustainable interventions.

Another noteworthy achievement by DAEP is the Green Award that was demonstrated in its ability to pioneer socially responsible activities by guaranteeing best practices in health, safety, security and the environment. The organization has specially curated its environmental management scope, strategy, objectives and targets as well as developed a common Higher Level Structure (HLS) that is effectively cascaded to all its contractors, consultants and supply chain personnel to ensure appropriate management of environmental concerns. 

The above-mentioned accolades are a testament to the impressive business acumen exhibited by Dubai Aviation Engineering Projects, making them a cut above the rest in their field of expertise. 

Harvard Business Council is an organization aimed at recognizing and rewarding those who distinguish themselves for excellence and best practices in salient areas of the environment and society, and DAEP has undoubtedly proved themselves a worthy candidate.

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