Maestri House Launches Electric Pour-Over Gooseneck Kettle on December 9th

December 09 15:24 2022

It is a remarkable day in the world of brewing equipment today as Maestri House finally launched its long-awaited Electric Pour-Over Gooseneck Kettle. 


Maestri House Electric Pour-Over Gooseneck Kettle was designed with thoughtfulness and precise pouring control to help you brew your coffee in the easiest and most perfect way possible.

Maestri House is renowned for catering to coffee lovers through their innovatively designed coffee appliances that will help all beverage lovers enjoy perfectly brewed coffee with no stress and with maximum safety.

If you’re a little picky about your coffee or tea or crave barista-quality brews with ease of operation, Maestri’s gooseneck kettle can help you meet those demands. Compared to traditional gooseneck kettles, Maestri House’s gooseneck kettle comes with remarkable features and improvements that make it a must-have for every beverage lover.

Features That Make Maestri’s House Electric Pour-Over Gooseneck Kettle Stand Out From Other Traditional Kettles In the Market

  1. Easability Of Use


Boasting a knob control temperature setting with a simplistic and modern design, Maestri Electric Gooseneck Kettle can brew the perfect pour-over coffee at the touch of a button, convert degrees and select a temperature range from 86°F to 212°F. Additionally, it features a LED display to track real-time temperature at a glance. So if you want an easy and seamless brewing experience every time you make coffee, Maestri’s Electric Gooseneck Kettle is your plug.

2. Built-In Timer

Say goodbye to tedious manual temperature and time measurement with Maestri’s Electric Kettle.

With a built-in timer, you can now easily track your coffee extraction time; convenience and simplicity for the perfect brew.

3. Top-Notch Innovative Design


The following features easily reflect the thought and innovation that went into designing the kettle.

The Spout: The spout is professionally designed for pour-over coffee, thus, making it easy to get a precise pour every time you want to serve your beverage. There is a thin, narrow spout positioned towards the bottom of the kettle’s base that allows you to pour water smoothly and controllably. 

The spout also features the Coanda effect that can absorb the water flow, thereby reducing the water flow to spray forward due to inertia, resulting in a 90°precise even flow. This unique design sets the item apart from other competitors and ensures that you get a precise pour every time you serve your beverage.

4. Your Safety Is Prioritized

1.) Got kids around? You don’t need to worry about them getting injured. Maestri House gooseneck kettle has designed the first electric gooseneck kettle with a child lock on the market for your children’s safety and your peace of mind.

2.) Safe kettle handle design with 3.5~6cm clever range; an appropriate distance to ensure your safety from accidental spellings.

3.) Food Grade 304 material to keep your water and beverages healthy and pure.

Maestri House commits to innovating products to cater to coffee enthusiasts because it always stays true to the brand’s original aspiration.

Maestri House Brand Story

The founders of Maestri House, like many Americans, are passionate lovers of coffee. They soon discovered the joy and craft of making homemade coffee, and they found a need for a brand of coffee that caters to coffee lovers like themselves. With many years of experience using various coffee machines, they knew exactly what the problems with existing coffee machines were and wanted to create a brand that caters to coffee enthusiasts who make coffee at home. Maestri House was built to design innovative products that can reliably create a perfect cup at home without frustration or guesswork. Click here to learn more.

Launch Time

The new product’s launch is scheduled for the 9th of December 2022. To keep up with the latest developments, and all the news from Maestri House, follow on social media. Maestri House frequently reward its customers with regular online specials and rewards. 




Visit the brand on Maestri House’s official website!

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