Fight For Life Club successfully supports Fatima to receive her liver transplant.

October 07 02:45 2022
Charity organization, Fight For Life Club supported Fatima to win her fight and have a second chance in life.

July 7, the day had come, it was time for Fatima to give the fight of her life, her liver transplant surgery. Her aunt Clarita was ready and willing to donate part of her liver and give Fatima a second chance to live. This was the third attempt to have the surgery performed, hopefully it was the final and successful attempt.

It’s been now 3 months since the surgery was performed. Thanks to the exceptional medical team and the support of many people who donated enough funds to pay for medical expenses, Fatima received her new liver.

The success in Fatima’s transplant was the result of the collaboration of Fight For Life Club, Fundacion NOIS, Fundacion Trasplante y Vida, World Boxing Council (WBC) and most important the great medical team that under the leadership of Dr. Manuel Rodriguez-Davalos donated their time and talent to save Fatima.

Being transplanted it’s a lifesaving solution that involves many risks and a lifetime treatment to maintain the received organ in good shape and not rejected by the recipient’s immunological system. There are many more fights to prepare for and overcome in a transplanted person.

The lifetime treatment is very expensive and involves periodic lab tests to measure the function of the liver received as well as the blood levels of immunosuppressor medicines. Fatima will need the support of many more good-hearted people and public institutions to keep fighting for her life.

Fight For Life Club extends an invitation to all the good hearted people to support these kids, donating time, money or just by being aware of this problem can make the difference to save a life.

Fight For Life Club is a nonprofit organization whose major aim is to offer financial help to low-income children without the ability to afford medical expenses for their liver transplant surgery. It’s also working to support and promote the development of successful transplant programs in Mexico.The organization is convinced that is critically urgent to build more capacity in public institutions to cope with the demand for transplant surgeries, there is a need of more and better infrastructure, more talented and trained medical professionals and awareness of organ donation.

About Fight For Life Club

Fight For Life Club was founded by Jose Manuel Cadena who himself needed a liver transplant to save his life in 2020. During Manuel’s search for a cure, he had encountered people who sorely needed liver transplant surgeries but didn’t have proper diagnostic, medical treatment or financial resources to save their lives. His successful surgery filled him with the desire to help as many who are not as fortunate as him. Fight For Life Club was born in October 2021 to actualize this dream.

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