launched in a bid to demystify the M&A space for MSP business owners

October 06 07:39 2022
From MSP M&A articles to exit interviews, leads the way in bringing advice from MSP owners & vendors, some highly regarded insider tips, and what to watch out for. has unveiled a platform that seeks to demystify the space within the MSP community while at the same time giving community members the necessary knowledge and tools to grow, acquire, and successfully exit. 

Mike Douglass, an industry figure who helps businesses with their growth & technology goals to support them in achieving their vision, says whether individuals are considering a business exit soon or it’s not yet on the cards, planning for an exit will make their Managed Service Provider a better business through several ways.

Mike says getting their business into a saleable position will increase their business’s value when they eventually explore an exit by bringing more buyers to the table.

Planning for an exit, he adds, frees individuals and their management team to focus on business growth and improvement activities instead of the day-to-day firefighting that often comes from running an MSP. In addition, with improved processes, operations and documentation, their team and customers will feel the positive outputs from the improvements, which will support growth.

With this, community members can get up to speed with the latest M&A Jargon, learn how to maximise the value of their MSP and more by checking MSP M&A articles on the site, including mergers and acquisitions. 

Top articles include “Top Buzzwords & phrases you need to know within M&A,” “Why your MSP business (or any business) NEEDS a ‘value ladder’!,” and “How to improve your productivity whilst running a busy MSP.”

Given that the M&A can also be a lonely space for the MSP owner, has led the charge in bringing community members helpful exit interviews and advice from MSP owners & vendors, bringing them some much-needed insider tips, what to watch out for, and how they can start planning for an exit now.

In addition, they can also become an Insider to get the latest MSP M&A updates, interviews, tips and advice that can add value to your MSP right into their email. 

Those who want the latest updates on MSP M&A, exits, and tips may sign up via to get started.

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