Paladin Legal Discusses Defense Strategies for Domestic Violence Accusations

August 04 19:16 2022
Paladin Legal Discusses Defense Strategies for Domestic Violence Accusations
This quarter, criminal defense firm Paladin Legal discusses the concerning rise in domestic violence accusations, and defense strategies aimed at helping the innocent clear their good name.

Against Domestic Violence reporting nearly one out of every three women, and one out of every four men have experienced some form of domestic violence.

These numbers add up to nearly 10 million adults experiencing domestic violence annually, resulting in millions of court cases across the United States.

While a vast majority of cases are legitimate and warranted, misunderstandings, false accusations, and overzealous law enforcement far too often result in innocent individuals being accused of crimes they did not commit.

In fact, a poll conducted by YouGov and published by the Center for Prosecutor Integrity revealed that 8% of individuals (or nearly 20.4 million Americans) reported being falsely accused of domestic violence.

This quarter, criminal defense firm Paladin Legal discusses the concerning rise in domestic violence accusations, and defense strategies aimed at helping the innocent clear their good name.

False Accusations of Domestic Violence

Each year thousands of California residents find themselves on the wrong side of the law, many of whom have been arrested and charged with crimes they didn’t commit.

Since its inception, Paladin Legal Defenders (PLD) has made it its mission to stand up for those wrongfully accused, and to defend its clients, wielding the full might of the law to ensure justice is served.

Being accused of domestic violence can be difficult for anyone to process, especially if those accusations are made by a life partner, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, relative, or close friend.

Such allegations often cause undue stress, anxiety, and fear of the unknown. But that’s not all, according to Paladin Legal, it is imperative that accused victims seek out legal counsel as soon as possible. Domestic violence allegations are taken seriously by both law enforcement and prosecutors, each of which often works swiftly to build up a case against the accused.

Those who fail to adequately defend themselves in court face serious penalties, including but not limited to incarceration.

Consequences of Domestic Violence Convictions

The consequences of a domestic violence conviction go well beyond the stigma of a criminal record, impacting several areas of the accused’s life.

Potential Penalties and Consequences of a Conviction:

  • Jail or prison time
  • Restraining orders
  • Removal of children from the home
  • Impact child custody and visitation 
  • Challenges with maintaining income or support
  • The stigma of ‘abuser’ despite being innocent
  • Steep penalties and/or fines
  • Your right to own guns
  • And more…

A domestic violence conviction is something that stays with a person their whole life, acting as a dark cloud of shame and stress that can spill over into their career, relationships, and more.

This is why it’s important for accused individuals to seek out an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Domestic Violence Defense Strategies

Domestic violence cases can be challenging to defend, but an experienced criminal defense attorney can help to clear their client’s name from any alleged wrongdoing.

Although each case and circumstance is unique, the following represents a few potential avenues for developing a robust defense to such allegations.

Inconsistencies in Evidence

Each accused is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Proving an individual guilty beyond a reasonable doubt requires significant and compelling evidence. The defense attorneys at Paladin Legal Defenders know what to look for, combing over evidence for signs of weakness, including but not limited to inconsistencies in statements, false witness testimony, the integrity of evidence, and more.

Medical Reports

Medical reports represent a key piece of evidence and information regarding domestic abuse. Oftentimes, these reports contradict statements made by the alleged victim, demonstrating that events and/or actions may not have occurred how they said they did.


Subject to circumstances and relevant laws, individuals accused of domestic violence may have been acting within the bounds of the law to protect themselves or their children from harm. According to Paladin Legal Defenders, injuring a partner while defending themselves or protecting their children may constitute the use of justifiable force.

Illegally Obtained Evidence

In some cases, evidence obtained by law enforcement or investigators was done so unlawfully. Evidence obtained through unlawful means presents an opportunity for the defense to file a motion for suppression of such evidence, sometimes resulting in cases being dismissed by the court.

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