Josephine Cobun’s New Book Teaches Readers the Power Behind Going the Extra Mile

August 02 16:39 2022

The author believes success is realizing one’s potential to do more.

There is nothing wrong with settling for what’s already there, but a person who desires success knows that isn’t enough. The Power of Leadership with Josephine Cobun (now available on Amazon) shows readers that they shouldn’t settle for anything less than their true potential. The author’s story shares insights that’ll elucidate this message.

Josephine Cobun is a passionate and determined woman who’s delved deep into the world of self-development, helping others achieve their goals. When she’s not network marketing, Josephine spends her time gardening, cooking, and being with her family. She studied business management at the University of Phoenix, and today, she thrives on teaching and coaching people in self-development and helps them bring out their best selves. She encourages her readers to tap into their true potential by sharing what drove her desires: “All my life, I always knew I could do more. I dreamed of owning a business and traveling the world. I wanted to inspire others, especially my children, that there is a better life out there than what we are usually programmed to pursue.”

Josephine initially went through a tumultuous time, experiencing culture shock, being a divorcee, and taking care of two children. But that didn’t stop her from pursuing her desires. She refused to see herself as a victim and did what she could to provide her family with a good life. She went the extra mile by helping others and now thrives in a new chapter of her life.

“I will enjoy pursuing this next chapter of my life, creating a better me, and watching others I’ve inspired create their own new chapter and make a better, more rewarding life for themselves,” says Josephine.

The Power of Leadership with Josephine Cobun contains golden nuggets of wisdom that’ll inspire and motivate those seeking to go beyond their potential.

JP Geiman, a community counselor, explains how Josephine has shown herself to be a strong leader: “I’ve had the distinct pleasure and privilege of working with Jo professionally for some time now. Her work ethic and enthusiasm for achieving results are often under-estimated because of her infectious happiness and positive attitude. People have this preconceived notion that for someone to produce results, they have to be abrasive, aloof, or uncaring. It always makes me smile when those same people who make such assumptions are proven wrong by Jo’s success and accomplishments. She has proven herself to be a strong leader based on a foundation of not just intelligence and hard work but also empathy, genuineness, and understanding. Her success speaks for itself in this regard.”

Shawn D. Duncan, a quality specialist and business owner, shares how Josephine’s welcoming attitude helped him on his journey: “Jo, as she’s affectionately known to her peers and close acquaintances, is one of the nicest people I’ve been fortunate to meet. Jo and I crossed paths when I started a new job where she was the coordinator. On my first day, she made me feel welcome with her joyous and bigger-than-life personality. It was like we had known each other for years. Weeks had passed, and I was settling into my new position. She would continue to make sure I was good. Some may say this was her job, but she did it with effortless compassion. She professionally performs the duties and tasks entrusted to her without hesitation. We started out as colleagues who, with time, became friends. I’m honored as well as privileged to know a person who humbly exemplifies the attributes of love, dignity, honesty, and respect.”

The Power of Leadership with Josephine Cobun is now for sale on Amazon.

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