J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley Uses Tree Removal to Reduce Tree Overcrowding

July 05 19:48 2022

Moreno Valley, California – When Jimmy bought his first home in Moreno Valley, he chose a landscape that was well covered with trees. However, 10 years down the line, he started noticing that the trees were slowly losing their overall health. For an unknown reason, the trees had lost their vigor and looked sickly.

The family had to look for a team with enough tree knowledge,” said Jimmy. “After running through all the scenarios that could have been causing the tree issues, the family could not arrive at a feasible conclusion.”

The homeowner had reportedly used J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley for years. Jimmy trusted the company’s services and was willing to take the suggestions it had to try and restore the health of the trees on the landscape.

J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley has been in the tree service business for more than 25 years,” said Jimmy. “The family was, therefore, willing to take whatever the company would suggest and implement it.”

When jimmy called J&M Tree Service Moreno Valley offices to request help with his trees, the homeowner was informed that an arborist would be sent to his home later in the day.

The company kept its word,” said Jimmy. “About an hour after making the call, the arborist was on the landscape inspecting the trees. After analyzing the trees, the arborist came up with an unexpected suggestion—he suggested the removal of several trees.”

Jimmy reported one of the things that surprised him was that the family was hoping to avoid removing any of the trees on their landscape. To their surprise, the arborist indicated that the only way to save the trees was to remove some of them.

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The suggestion sounded crazy but the family was open-minded and more than willing to listen and better understand why the tree removal would be necessary,” said Jimmy. “The arborist reported that the trees on the landscape were currently competing for nutrients, water, and other resources. The fact that too many trees were trying to survive under very limited resources meant that each had to take a small portion of these valuable minerals. This led to their deteriorating health.”

Jimmy noted that the arborist’s suggestion made much more sense after the explanation. The homeowner did not want to waste any more time and requested the company to initiate the tree removal procedure immediately.

The team arrived on the landscape at around 6 am the next day,” said Jimmy. “The tree removal experts immediately initiated the procedures and were done by the time 9 am rolled in. While the tree removal procedure was quite complicated, the team had brought advanced tools to ease the entire process—they were using cranes, power cutting tools, and a bucket truck.”

The homeowner noted that the team did not just stop after removing the trees. The team of tree cutting professionals went ahead and trimmed the remaining trees to improve their appearance and ensure their leaves were enjoying maximum sunlight access.

After trimming the trees,” said Jimmy, “the company decided to clean the entire landscape. They collected the waste generated by the tree removal procedure, cut up the removed trees into portable pieces, and loaded these in the truck. By the time the team of tree cutting professionals left, the landscape looked much better.”

The homeowner reported that he was impressed when he learned the entire procedure would be more affordable than he had expected. He ended up spending 20% less of what he had set aside for the procedure.

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