Leander Tree Experts Adjusts Emergency Tree Removal Cost to Fit Clients’ Budget

July 05 19:24 2022

Leander, Texas – When a neighbor called Jackson to inform him that his tree was on the verge of falling on his house, the homeowner knew he had to act quickly. Having worked with Leander Tree Experts on several occasions, Jackson knew if he called the company, he would get immediate help. The only issue is that the homeowner was short on cash.

The family spent the whole of last month building an in-ground swimming pool,” said Jackson. “The majority of the money the family had saved went into the pool preparation costs. This meant that when the neighbor called to pass on information that the tree was almost falling on the house, the money left in the savings account couldn’t have covered the entire emergency tree removal cost.”

However,” added Jackson, “the family had to get the emergency tree removal procedure handled as soon as possible. Without the emergency tree removal procedure, the family was looking at a very expensive property repair procedure.”

The homeowner noted that after receiving the notification from the neighbor about the falling tree, he immediately called Leander Tree Experts and instructed its team of tree cutting professionals in Leander to go and start working on the tree. He took an extra 3 hours before arriving home.

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The family knew that the team would arrive at the emergency site and immediately start working on the tree even without a member of the family,” said Jackson. “This allowed the family to take advantage of the period that the team would be working on the tree to look for enough money to pay the tree service team.”

The homeowner reportedly visited several friends seeking financial help. Unfortunately, most of his friends were also short on cash. By the time he got home, he had only managed to put together $1,000.

The family knew that $1,000 would not be enough for the emergency tree removal procedure,” said Jackson. “After all, the family had to call the company unexpectedly and request a tree removal procedure that would take several hours to complete. What’s more, the tree was more than 100 feet tall and a successful emergency tree removal procedure would have saved the family tens of thousands of dollars.”

By the time Jackson arrived home about 3 hours after calling Leander Tree Experts to request the emergency tree removal procedure, he found the company almost through with the procedure. This was quite surprising considering the family had not even conducted a price negotiation.

The company was already working on cutting the tree trunk into smaller pieces to facilitate transport to the dumpsite,” noted Jackson. “The company had already removed the tree, pulled out the tree stump together with the roots, and even collected the sawdust.”

The homeowner had to call the chief of field operations aside to talk to him about the cost. He mentioned that he was short on cash and would be appreciative if the company charged him an affordable price. The homeowner expected the company to quote a cost of over $3,000 for the entire project.

The family was surprised when the chief of field operations quoted a price of $1,500,” said Jackson. “This was just 50% of what the family was expecting to hear from Leander Tree Experts. Raising an extra $500 to add to the $1,000 that the family had was extremely easy.”

The homeowner reportedly called a couple of friends and managed to raise the extra $500 quickly. The homeowner was more than relieved when he managed to pay for the emergency tree removal procedure in one go. Jackson told a group of reporters that one of the reasons he kept using the Leander Tree Experts services is the fact that the company is very understanding.

Leander Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 1715 W Whitestone Blvd, Leander, TX 78641, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 512-980-1748 and [email protected]

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