Edmond Tree Experts Handles an Emergency Tree Removal Procedure at 2 A.M.

July 05 18:58 2022

Edmond, Oklahoma – A company that has been handling emergency tree service procedures on a 24/7 basis for more than 25 years, Edmond Tree Experts had to put its skills to test earlier today. The company received a call from one of its previous clients at about 1:30 am. The homeowner wanted help with a tree that was leaning dangerously over her roof. The homeowner—Jenkins—noted that without immediate help, the tree would end up dropping on her roof and causing extreme damage.

While the family had used the company’s services before,” said Jenkins, “the service was a tree trimming procedure. Therefore, when calling the company’s offices, the family was not 100% sure that the call would be picked up immediately. However, when the family called the office, the phone was picked up on the first ring to everyone’s surprise.”

The homeowner was surprised when the person on the other end of the line confirmed that a team of professionals would arrive on her landscape in the next one hour.

When the announcement came through the phone,” said Jenkins, “it sounded unreal. It was not until the family checked the company’s website and realized that 24/7 emergency tree service is something its team of tree maintenance professionals had offered for years.”

To see how Edmond Tree Experts helps homeowners in times of emergencies, visit the company’s website: https://www.treeservicesoklahomacity.net/edmond/.

The family was expecting the company to show up at around 2:30 am considering they had promised to arrive in one hour,” said Jenkins. “The company, however, surprised everyone when its tree removal team arrived on the landscape just 30 minutes later ready to handle the tree removal procedure.”

A team of reporters contacted the Edmond Tree Experts lead office to understand how the procedure went and how its team of professionals ensured the risky tree was brought down without causing property damage. The chief of field operations was more than willing to describe the entire tree maintenance procedure to the reporters.

The tree that was leaning on Jenkin’s house was quite large,” said the Edmond Tree Experts’ chief of field operations. “The white oak was at least 100 feet tall. Weighing several tons, the tree would have caused significant damage if it landed on the house.”

The chief of field operations noted that when his team arrived at the worksite, the first thing they had to do is set up their operation tools. This meant setting up lights in all strategic positions to guarantee a clear view of the falling tree.

Next,” said the chief of field operations, “the team went ahead and used the crane to slowly lift the tree that was leaning dangerously. Lifting the tree from where it was increased safety and allowed the team to slowly cut it and drop it in a safe location.”

According to the chief of field operations, the tree was dropped next to the house before his team of professionals worked on the stump.

Jenkins wanted to replace the tree the company had removed,” said the chief of field operations. “This meant that the team had to remove the tree stump together with the roots. After removing the stump, the team cut up the oak tree to ensure it would fit in the truck.”

The company finally went ahead and collected the waste generated by the entire tree maintenance procedure. This ended up in a dumpsite. According to Jenkins, the company charged her a very affordable fee considering the circumstances under which the tree removal procedure was handled.

Edmond Tree Experts’ base of operation is located at 402 Gayclifee Ter Edmond, OK, 73003. The company, however, can be contacted by dialing 405-444-8128 or sending an email to [email protected]

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