Award-winning actor Max Hambleton launches new unique acting coaching class, offering both online and in-person sessions

November 30 02:54 2021
Two-time award-winning actor and filmmaker Max Hambleton is offering unique acting coaching classes through his new coaching platform, Acting With Max.

Baltimore, MD – November 29, 2021 – Leading film and stage actor and director Max Hambleton is pleased to announce the recent launch of his acting coaching & class in Spring 2022. The classes are open for young adults who are going to art schools in high-school (secondary school) or university as well as emerging actors who wish to further their careers in acting. Max will be providing acting coaching & classes under the banner of his new academy, Acting With Max.

As of now, Max will be offering acting classes through both online and in-person sessions. He is scheduled to offer in-person classes in Baltimore in 2022.

In an exclusive interview, the two-time award-winning actor shared that although he has recently launched Acting With Max, he has been offering acting coaching classes for years now. He boasts a long roster of continuing clients who keep on following up with him every now and then for his unique coaching approach.

“It’s an exciting moment for me to share with you all that I have recently launched my acting coaching class platform, Acting With Max. Added to online sessions, I will also be offering in-person acting sessions, as per the needs of the students. I know there are many aspiring actors out there who are highly talented and driven but could not make a place in the industry due to lack of guidance. As an actor, I am dedicated to my craft and I am committed to enrich the industry by making way for promising actors through expert coaching and guidance”, stated Max. 

Speaking on, Max said what makes his acting coaching classes stand out and what makes his old clients come back to him time and again is his unique approach to teaching the art of acting.  

“My approach is extremely unique and helps actors in a totally new and very powerful way. My classes allow actors to build their craft from the ground up which eventually helps them to develop a strong foundation for all of their work. And if your basics are correct, you can always build up on top of it.”

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Max’s acting coaching classes are based on those timeless techniques that were originally recorded by Stanislavski and the Moscow Art Theater. These are the very techniques that stalwarts like Lee Strasberg, Stella Adler, Uta Hagan, Sanford Meisner, and other such giants of acting used to follow in their performances. 

One of the major aspects of Max’s acting classes is the famous Sensory Memory Exercise devised by the legendary Moscow Art Theater, and honed by Lee Strasberg. Per the statements of Max, these exercises actually enable an actor to feel the wind on their face and rain on their skin. 

Max’s classes also cover Sandy Meisner’s repetition exercises. These exercises are intelligently designed to help actors travel beyond just the dialogues – and delve deeper into a character to get into the skin of his/her raw emotions.  

“The best part of Sandy Meisner’s repetition exercises is that these aid an actor to develop an in-depth understanding of a character or a play/film. It’s the ‘depth’ quotient that makes all the difference between an enigmatic screen presence and a drab one. I always encourage my students to get into the depth of a character to churn out a realistic performance- a believable performance that will help the audience connect with the actor”, explained Max. 

(Behind the Scenes, Lighter Than Air)

A major part of Max’s acting coaching curriculum involves training on using breath and body while acting. The process uses techniques introduced by the greats like Frederick Alexander and The Laban / Bartenieff Fundamental to control extreme emotions like anxiety, fear and other such deep emotions that people generally hide away from others. The techniques are also beneficial to boost the self-confidence of the aspiring actors. 

“An aspiring actor should remember two fundamental things. One, s/he would have to be careful about the body language and breathing while donning a particular role. The other thing s/he must remember is that s/he needs to have complete control on emotions while on stage or on screen. You might be feeling extremely stressed out or joyous but when you are portraying a particular character, you can’t let your own emotions come in the way of the emotions of the character. It’s an elaborate process that needs extensive training and training and I will cover all these crucial aspects in my acting classes.” 

“My classes have a special section on body and breath exercises where the students will learn the pro techniques of strategically using voice, body, and breath to reach a comfortable stance while acting , even when they are under stress in personal life. You will learn the same techniques that mavericks like Frederick Alexander used to deploy to keep reins on deep emotions while belting out such marvelous performances that we have always been in awe of. My classes will also cover how to improve self-confidence- one of the most crucial factors to ensure a believable performance.” 

About Max Hambleton 

Max Hambleton is a two-time award-winning actor, film maker, published writer, and successful entrepreneur. He has worked in both movies and plays staged across Los Angeles, New York, and multiple other places across the country. Max has recently acted in a Max’s recent film, “Lighter Than Air”, is currently touring film festivals across the country and is set for release in summer 2022. He is also a leading acting coach, backed by a long roster of students. The renowned actor has just launched an online acting coaching platform, Acting With Max, but will also continue to provide in-person classes.

Apart from an illustrious career in acting, directing, and coaching, Max boasts an equally successful career in entrepreneurship. He has been operating two successful businesses for the last 10 years now, employing 50 people at a time. His extensive experience in entrepreneurship has empowered him with an in-depth understanding on the possible issues faced by managers and executives in dealing with employees or clients as well as the proven strategies to resolve them. Max also offers team building coaching for entrepreneurs and team leaders and  speech coaching for various professionals. 

As of now, Max has returned to his hometown Baltimore, MD, from Los Angeles, CA, where he stays with his wife Melissa and their dog Samson. 

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