Why millennials are loving nail brand, Candy Coat

November 26 04:51 2021
Global nail beauty brand Candy Coat is proving itself the go-to nail polish and nail care products brand for millennials.

Candy Coat is a digital-only nail beauty brand known for offering the largest collection of candy-inspired nail polish colours and nail care products as well as DIY at home nail kits, a monthly gel subscription box and PRO range for professional nail techs and artists.

“Back in 2015, no nail brand was directly talking to the millennial. They were either super conventional or intimidating for a pro coming straight out of nail school. When Candy Coat jumped on the scene, we reminded everyone that nails and nail care can and should be fun,” says Founder and Creative Director

A never-ending palette of pretty colours

Part of the Candy Coat experience is picking from it’s rainbow choice of colours. Candy Coat debuted on Instagram in 2015 with just 14 gel colours. 

“We have since gone on to become the ultimate playground for millennials with access to a gel polish colour library boasting over 10,500 hues. We currently have hundreds of colours and 25 finishes across 12 product lines with 1200+ shades online. We remain center stage on social media by offering the most vibrant, Instagrammable colours and products in the nail industry”

Candy Coat’s product portfolio includes gel polish, nail polish, paint for nail art, 3D gels, accessories, nail tools, electric tools, brushes, liquid solutions, builder gel, an acrylic system, spa range, sugar glitter and related nail beauty merchandise. 

“We have a range of amazing gel polish textures including cremes, shimmers, glitters, chunky glitters, luxe glitters, halo, polka dot, galaxy, colour changers, crushed candy, confetti, marble, fluff, pearl, glow-in-the-dark, unicorn, cat eye, jelly, duo chrome, animal print and more.”

There’s no business, like nail business 

In addition to bringing a whole new vibe and vibrancy to the nail industry, Candy Coat supports an army of nail bosses with its range of high-performance professional products making it the number one pick for salon start-ups.

“Pro Palette Gel Colour is a high-performance formula designed for professionals and available in 170 colours. We’re proud to say, it is 100% HEMA free and also cruelty free. The formula delivers a durable, scratch-resistant, flawless finish that your clients will love. And let’s not forget the packaging, candy coated from cap to bottom.”

Beauty brands don’t get much cuter

Candy Coat’s impressive collection is a favourite of some of the industry’s hottest nail artists, spotted on high profile celebrities including reality royalty stars Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Katy Perry, Dua Lipa and Rihanna.  

“Colour enhances positive emotions and increases your sense of well-being in an instant.”

“Whether it’s enjoying a rainbow of choice at your fingertips, eagerly awaiting fresh colour pops monthly, or creating a wall of dreams for your nail salon, Candy Coat makes it fun to discover and shop for top quality gel polish kits, nail care kits, and everything else nail beauty related.”


Created and founded by entrepreneur Lynette in the summer of 2015, Candy Coat debuted on Instagram with just 14 gel colours. The company has since grown to become a global nail beauty brand loved by millennials, celebrities and professionals alike for its incredible range of gel nail polish colours, nail care products, tools and free complimentary candy. Candy Coat sells on every continent to 52 countries and has a thriving subscription box service with plans of a nail salon franchise in the UK and beyond.

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