Next CryptoPunks? Why Millionaire Investors Are Getting Into ‘Pokemon Like’ DeFi Dragons NFT Early

November 26 04:36 2021
DeFi Dragons is the world’s first EVOLVING NFT with a ‘Pokemon like’ metaverse game.

Big NFT metaverse names (like Facebook’s Meta, Sandbox, or Axie Infinity) have a new competitor in town. It’s name is DeFi Dragons.

It’s the new NFT project behind the minds of Jordon A. Schwann, Bevan J. Morgan, and Jake E. Jacobson. They do marketing for celebrities with a combined 46M followers on social media. Also the secret team behind the military, world leaders, and billion dollar behomoths like SalesForce ($21.25 Billion in 2020).

Together they’ve grown a team of over 18 in under 14 days – spanning from the Canadian arctic to the volcanoes of New Zealand. An incredible feat for most, but just business as usual for a million dollar, high growth NFT startup like this.

DeFi Dragons is the world’s first evolving NFT with built in deflationary systems. Like the most popular game in the world, Pokemon, investors can finally evolve their NFT. The more they evolve, the more daily token rewards, and the higher price of re-sell.

How? Because of deflationary mechanisms, holders are automatically incentivized to lower the supply. This increases the price, because of supply and demand.

From roots to branches – this project was made to increase investor profit. The founding team says they’re investors themselves, so they thought it was important.

It’s also a play-to-earn metaverse game where you can level up and battle other trainers for token rewards (like Pokemon).

Early pre-alpha QA testers say it’s kind of like popular games Axie Infinity ($33M/day in revenue) or Pokemon. But it’s reported to be way more fun, and way more rewarding.

The founders mission is to create the #1 NFT project in the world. Mentors include blue chip projects like Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club. Lebron James, Post Malone, and Jimmy Fallon are just a few that have recently joined these NFT ‘clubs’.

Investing in DeFi Dragons gives holders access to other world’s firsts. Including a ‘metaverse’ real estate and ‘blue chip’ NFT mutual fund. The founders are expecting to give CryptoPunks ($1.6 Billion in revenue) a run for their money.

NFT Investment Experts are eye-ing this team and say they can’t wait for the release. The release of DeFi Dragons NFT is out on December 17th, 2021.

On Cyber Monday, November 29th, their ‘DeFi Dragons Golden Ticket’ NFT is launching.

Investors save thousands of dollars in fees, and on launch day the free NFT will appear in their wallets. And there’s more benefits. Benefits include: token rewards, access to their private launchpad, secret 8 figure whale tip offs, and more.

For interested investors, they can get 1 of the 1000 Golden Tickets at

Data says projects like this usually sell out in under 50 minutes of launch. After that, investors can buy and sell on OpenSea for a higher price.

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