The Second Top Leading Meme Page In Spain

November 25 00:42 2021
The Second Top Leading Meme Page In Spain

Memes have become a language for people on social media. Every hour of the day, people all around the world are scrolling through social media to see what their favorite accounts are posting. People enjoy taking a break from what’s happening in the real world and getting lost in memes for a bit.

One of the top meme pages in Spain is Bromasocultas. This meme page is leading in entertainment on Instagram for the Spanish community. They have been named the second leading meme account in Spain, next to the top contender Cabronazi. However, some of their more recent followers would say Bromasocultas is starting to release more entertaining content.

Why Spain can’t get enough of Bromasocultas

Every day a new account discovers the Spanish meme page Bromasocultas. This page has so much content that new members can spend a whole evening looking through and laughing along with all the different memes. When a new person hits that follow button, it doesn’t take long until they start tagging their friends in the comments of their favorite memes.

The face behind Bromasocultas is kept a secret for now. While the account manager loves seeing the audience grow, one thing they won’t do is take credit for something they didn’t create. Bromasocultas gives credit to every meme creator they borrow from. This way, they can help the creators’ accounts grow as well.

Creators love it when Bromasocultas sends new followers their way after giving them credit for the meme. This account has been able to introduce a new audience to many creators. Since 2105, when this account was first created, Bromasocultas has been able to keep over 2 million followers entertained and coming back for more.

One of Spain’s top Instagram accounts

In 2015 when the Bromasocultas account was created, they had no idea it would become such a success. It is currently the second biggest Instagram account in Spain as far as engagement and follower count goes. Each day, that number grows a bit more.

With the new year coming up, the account has plans of taking things further. They want to reach out to more creators and showcase the funniest memes Spain has to offer. As long as people keep laughing, Bromasocultas knows their job is complete. 

Interested in adding more humor to the Instagram feed? Head over to to see what gets posted next.

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