Digital Workbench Revolutionizes the Way People Work by Simplifying Customization

November 25 00:21 2021
Digital Workbench Revolutionizes the Way People Work by Simplifying Customization
Introducing Digital Workbench, the newest go-to platform for custom made workbenches and workstations.

By taking the guesswork out of the equation when choosing a workbench for one’s needs, Digital Workbench has successfully positioned itself to be a leader in the workbench industry. But what really makes them stand out from the rest is their tireless effort to build customers’ trust with an outstanding and extremely modern platform where they can quickly and easily conceptualize their own desired workbench.

As a company that values transparency, Digital Workbench knows how important it is to have a digital platform that shows customers exactly what they are purchasing – providing them fully customizable options and complete guarantee of their products. And so, they created one for themselves.

Plug into productivity with the help of the Digital Workbench 3D Configurations Software, a software add-on which will be launched on the platform in the next 3-4 months.

Customers can simply choose from Digital Workbench’s available pre-made workbenches – such as the Pro Series, X Large Series, Hydraulic Series, Packaging Series, Stainless Steel Series, and Electropolished Series – and then have them customized in the 3D configurator.

This software in 3D application is highly anticipated since customers can see the 3D models of their designs and get an idea of what they actually look like within the website – making it the top notch 3D configuration software in the industry.

Currently, customers can custom create and design a workstation according to their needs and desires and add more than 20 different accessories to their designs. Not to mention they no longer need to wait days to receive a quote. They will see live pricing while configuring their workstations. The platform even provides live shipping quotes to anywhere in the USA and Canada. Simply put, Digital Workbench just makes customization more convenient for its customers.

And staying true to their company slogan “Connect your work potential,” Digital Workbench does not stop at maximizing productivity and work quality. Instead, they seek to outperform the whole industry by providing the ultimate customer service experience.

As for manufacturing, all their workbenches are made in North America. In fact, Digital Workbench has its headquarters in Toronto, Canada, while their distribution center is located in San Diego, USA.

Whether it is quality or customer service, Digital Workbench always exceeds expectations and sets new standards within the industry – giving customers peace of mind knowing their workstations are meticulously designed and produced by the best.

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About Digital Workbench Inc.

Digital Workbench Inc. is a provider for high-quality custom made workbenches and workstations. They guarantee shipping in 3-4 days within the whole of North America and prove that a fully configured workstation can be assembled in less than 20 minutes – including all accessories.

Apart from providing high-quality products, Digital Workbench Inc. is also committed to excellent customer service, with no 6-week waiting time for delivery. In fact, it only takes them 3-4 days to ship and deliver their products.

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