Ping Pong Start is testing artificial intelligence to pick products

November 23 17:36 2021
Ping Pong Start is testing artificial intelligence to pick products
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Ping Pong Start is a table tennis affiliate site and other sporting goods has started testing artificial intelligence to pick products. The company hopes that this will help them keep up with the high demand for their product without having to hire more employees.

The press release is about Ping Pong Start’s new AI program which they hope will help them not only increase revenue but also cut expenses by reducing the need for human labor in order to meet customer demands.

Before artificial intelligence tools were available, the Ping Pong Start team had to review products on for hours. This took a lot of time and they would take weeks to publish an article. But with the help of artificial intelligence, this process will be shortened and writing efficiency will be higher.

The PPS AI tool helps customers find things to buy online. It collects data and then uses the information to analyze it, doing all of the hard work for customers.

The tool allows you to search for specific items and also lets users know if it is in stock, where the cheapest place to buy them is, as well as how much they are worth. The goal of this new tool is to streamline the process of finding expensive products and make sure that customers can find what they need right away without having to look through pages and pages of results.

Mr. Johansson, the CEO of Ping Pong Start, said: “After more than 2 years developing Ping Pong Start around table tennis, we realized that we need to expand to other sports. We partnered with many famous former athletes of other sports so this combination of people and tools will bring new and best experiences to sports lover.”

Ping Pong Start is participating in Amazon’s affiliate program. This means that when you use their links, Ping Pong Start will make money if you buy something on Amazon. However, the amount of money Ping Pong Start earns for every visitor to Amazon does not change.

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