Keen Funnel redefining digital marketing sector through breakthrough Digital marketing management system and funnel planning

November 23 08:15 2021
Keen Funnel helps brands to boost their presence online through a state-of-the-art Digital Marketing Management System and profit outcome prediction tool.

Sevilla, Spain – November 22, 2021 – A next-gen digital marketing company, Keen Funnel, is all set to disrupt the digital marketing sector and for the better. The company has come up with a breakthrough Digital Marketing Management System packed with a suite of brand new standard marketing procedures that assure seamless execution of marketing procedures with 99% accuracy. The company also offers cutting-edge Funnel Planning, Profit-Prediction & Simulation tool that helps to model the potential profit of sales or marketing funnels or business ideas. 

Brands can deploy the Digital Marketing Management System as an internal guide for their employees or else Keen Funnel implements the system into the client’s existing business. 

In an exclusive interview, Mario Bosquet, the Chief Marketing Officer of Keen Funnel, shared that they are dedicated to keeping their client businesses ahead of the curve through advanced media planning tools. These tools are intelligently designed to dig out deep data insights about the potential customers of the businesses. Keen Funnel is extremely particular about creating the most resourceful, profitable, and scalable digital media campaigns that assure less waste, more efficacy, and higher response in comparison to common media planning and buying methods.  

“It’s about time businesses should know that the average marketing proposal is outdated even before it is created. New media channels are evolving by leaps and bounds and you need to upgrade your marketing plan and campaign accordingly. This is where Keen Funnel comes in to help you rank higher with best-in-class cutting-edge marketing technology solutions”, stated Mario Bosquet. 

“A major factor that separates us from regular digital marketing companies is our elaborate ‘data-driven’ approach. We bank on data to locate your potential audience and then our experts start connecting with them. But we don’t stop there. Rather, we delve further and monitor the outcomes to identify the exact messages and media that are performed at an optimum rate. Based on those insights, we reapportion your budget and impact accordingly to ensure a tailored state-of-the-art marketing plan that would address your business needs at their best.” 

Keen Funnel helps brands to get in front of their most prospective leads by creating an omnichannel campaign that brings the brand’s message on all screens, devices, and channels.

The company has recently developed The Funnel Designer 2.0 web app which serves as a state-of-the-art Funnel-Planning, Profit-Prediction & Simulation tool. The tool helps to model and simulate the potential profit of any marketing or sales funnel or business idea before the business invests in developing landing pages or purchasing digital media. This way, it places a clear picture before the brands about how much ROI they can expect if they take certain marketing or website development measures. The process helps them to budget and plan strategically to attain optimum results and prevent wastage of both time and money.  

Per the statements of the Chief Marketing Officer, Keen Funnel aims to resolve some serious problems experienced with regular digital marketing companies. 

“The problem with the vast majority of marketing agencies is that they do not offer a written methodology on which they base the strategy to be implemented in their clients. Another problem is that they do not usually propose a visual design of the sales funnel for their digital assets that can show them concrete estimates on certain variables such as product prices, offers, conversions, traffic costs, or other modifications to your business — and also how those variables can affect their revenue, profit, and other metrics. Keen Funnel aims to resolve both these problems through its transparent and advanced digital marketing system as well as the Funnel Designer 2.0 tool.” 

Keen Funnel is a full-service digital marketing company that specializes in all areas of digital marketing solutions. The services provided by this agency range from SEO to PPC, website development, search engine marketing, content marketing, lead generation, conversion rate optimization to reputation management and funnel planning, among others. In addition to that, Mario Bosquet stressed that after a campaign is launched, they track all the key performance indicators to get a clear picture of the strengths and limitations. The data further helps to adjust the campaigns accordingly so that the brand can meet its marketing goals at its best. 

“We are your one-stop platform when you are looking for digital marketing services. We will help you with on-demand targeted live leads that will pique your conversions, sales, and profits big time. Our marketing officials hold expertise in both on-page and off-page SEO as well as comprehensive PPC management systems. Besides, we will also support your business with industry-leading and comprehensive email marketing, content marketing, and search engine-friendly website development and design services.” 

Keen Funnel also holds expertise in Social Media Marketing Services. The company is backed by world-class social automation software that allows it to create and publish clients’ SMM posts across 11 social platforms through a single all-in-1 dashboard.

In the words of a Mario Bosquet: “We assure you state-of-the-art social media marketing services that will help your brand to achieve optimum visibility and establish a dominant presence over the highly-competitive social media world. We specialize in creating targeted social media posts and customized social campaigns that are intelligently designed to expand your online branding through social content and engagement over the leading social media channels.” 

Keen Funnel caters to all kinds of businesses, regardless of size, industry, and marketing budget, by servicing at any specific time or geographic location. 

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