Author Ryan T. Moorer Launches New Book Journey to Redemption: A Thrilling Story on Mindset

November 22 18:50 2021

Atlanta, Georgia – If life has taught us anything, it’s that our decisions from the past can abruptly awake us in the future. As we attempt to move forward in life with wishful thinking, there’s a level of internal healing that has to take place in order to pave the way and walk in a new chapter wholeheartedly.

In his new book, Journey to Redemption, author Ryan T. Moorer explores the mindset of what happens when you remove yourself from everything you’ve known and fight to create a life that doesn’t constantly remind you of former mistakes made.

A Firebrand Publishing novel, Journey to Redemption, highlights the issues that many face in their adult lives. While childhood trauma chips away at a child’s stability and sense of self, undermining self-worth and often staying with the child into adulthood, Terrell plans to carve a different ending when he decides to step away from “The Church.” Unattached from the cult-like religion he was once a part of, Terrell struggles with self-discovery and the artistry of healing that will eventually lead him to closure. With the demons of yesterday still dominating his every waking thought, this story takes several twists and turns as he attempts to seek redemption.

In his own impactful journey, author Ryan T. Moorer has always been an avid writer, but it wasn’t until he met his 7th grade English teacher that he channeled his words into an art form. Her influence allowed him to further his passion for writing and see his potential for long-term success. As more than just a writer, Ryan is also a Father, Husband, Son, Brother, Soldier, and Cancer Survivor. After being diagnosed with Stage IV Colon Cancer in 2018, he changed his outlook by embracing a quote by one of his favorite authors, Emily Dickinson. Since the beginning of treatment, Ryan wrote every day and assumed the meaning that being alive is POWER. Putting his passion to purpose, Ryan finished this impactful story as not only a reward for surviving cancer but to inspire readers to move forward in their lives.

“No matter what journey is ahead, there is power in your past, and it can constantly fuel you to your purpose in the future.” For more information on visit his social media sites and Journey to Redemption can be purchases now on amazon.

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