The Womack Sisters Out to Bring Honor to the Family’s Musical Legacy

November 22 18:30 2021
The Womack Sisters Out to Bring Honor to the Family’s Musical Legacy

In the world of music, the Womack family stands as a symbol of top-tier music. Whether it’s the iconic songwriters and producers Cecil and Linda Womack (Womack & Womack), singer and songwriter Bobby Womack, or legendary Sam Cooke, the family has generated top musical professionals and exemplary music. Now, a new generation is coming to life as the family tree of musical greatness extends downwards through the work of the Womack Sisters. 

BG, Zeimani, and Kucha Womack are the daughters of Cecil and Linda. The sisters are taking the music industry by storm with their soulful music. They’re gifted and beautiful, able to bring the same experiences as the greats before them. Today, the three, now known as the Womack Sisters, are out to find their rightful place in the soul and R&B music world. 

The Womack Sisters are currently in a contract with Sony Orchard. They first surfaced a few years ago after releasing “Darling,” a compelling song that would woo the hearts of over 90,000 viewers on YouTube, 147,000 plus streamers on Spotify, and more on other platforms. One of their more recent releases is the single “Blocked,” which is now making waves online. 

The Womack sisters spent a good part of their life traveling the world after their father, Cecil, moved the whole pack to Europe in the mid-1980s to escape the US music industry politics. After living in the United Kingdom for a while, the Womack family would start moving around a lot, encountering a new destination every six months or so. It didn’t take long for BG, Zeimani, and Kucha to show their parents’ same musical prowess. 

Soon Cecil was teaching his daughters the ins and outs of music, harnessing not just their artistic skill but their understanding of the business side too. He taught them how to produce, publish, and promote music, turning them into executives and professionals even before they hit twenty years old. “What we may have missed in High School and boyfriends, we made up for with other incredible life experiences and learnings,” share the sisters. 

Traveling would also widen their scope of the world and add a soulful depth to their music. The sisters love writing and singing about the sheep farms in Dublin, water wells in Kenya, rural villages in Tanzania, and the streets of London. Soon, they were performing along with their parents for crowds that would number in the thousands. As a result, BG, Zeimani, and Kucha started to build a sense of confidence in themselves and began bringing their music to the world. 

The Womack Sisters have worked with and been exposed to some of the most notable names in music, including the Rolling Stones, Ozzy Osborne, Annie Lennox and many others. They’re grateful for the foundational work their parents had on their music careers, but they’ve also worked hard for everything they have now achieved. Now, the Womack siblings are out to conquer the world.

The Womack trio is currently working in Los Angeles, California, alongside grammy-winning artist The Game. They hope to release more music that will shape their careers and the industry for the remainder of 2021 and beyond. Listen to their music by visiting the Womack Sisters’ Spotify profile and YouTube channel. Check them out on  Instagram and Facebook.

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