Killer at Large Launches Murder Mystery Game Designed for True Crime Enthusiasts

November 22 17:24 2021
This game lets people take a break from their mobile devices and solve a crime with realistic clues, evidence, and forensic reports.

Now that the holidays are fast approaching, crime-solvers are in for a treat. Killer at Large, a murder mystery game company, recently launched its newest interactive crime-solving game. Built for amateur detectives and true crime enthusiasts, this new game features realistic clues, police interviews, crime scene photos, newspaper articles, forensic reports, and more. Its up to the gamer to dive in and analyze the evidence in order to catch the killer.

“Killer at Large is designed to bring out the detective in us all. It’s a chance to take a break from technology and see if you can solve a murder,” said the company’s spokesperson.

The game’s cases are written and designed by its team of ingenious and dedicated crime story creators. Each game takes approximately one to two hours to complete, and can be solved by either one person or a group of two to six people.

Each of Killer at Large’s murder mystery cases contain: an introductory letter that explains the case overview, 10-25 realistic pieces of evidence, and a solution envelope. The solution envelope allows the game participant to double check at the end of the game that they caught the actual killer.

Unlike other crime solving games that divide their cases into six boxes over six months, Killer at Large brings its gamers one box that contains the full case. These can be solved completely in a day or two. No more waiting weeks for that next package to arrive in order to solve a case!

Everything a user needs to solve the crime is included in the box – there is no outside technology needed. With no internet required, people can play the game at home, at the park, on vacation, or pretty much anywhere else. Turn off the phone, disconnect, and enjoy an evening or two without social media.

Feedback for Killer at Large has been overwhelmingly positive so far.

One of the brand’s recent customers, Sarah H. said “My friends and I can’t get enough. We turn off our phones, drink some wine, and solve a murder. We can’t wait to solve the next one!”

Tom R., another recent customer, said “My wife and I were looking for something different for date night and came across this. We were nervous it might be too easy, but it ended up taking us over two hours to solve. 100% will be buying again.”

The team at Killer at Large focuses on providing its customers with an amazing customer service experience. Their friendly customer service agents can be reached here.

To browse the cases, shop, and learn more details about Killer at Large, visit The game offers three subscription plans available on its website.

About Killer at Large

Killer at Large is a murder mystery crime solving game designed to summon one’s inner detective. With realistic pieces of evidence, clues to decipher, forensic reports, and more, this murder mystery game has hooked thousands of crime-solvers, amateur detectives, and true crime enthusiasts across America. All Killer at Large cases are designed for adults and mature teens. If you enjoy true crime and solving mysteries, you’ll love Killer at Large.

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