Daniel Harding’s Ascent and Impact in the Business World through AOS International

November 22 14:33 2021
Daniel Harding’s Ascent and Impact in the Business World through AOS International

Most entrepreneurs who delve into the service industry understand that their business is operated to benefit their clients or themselves. However, Daniel Harding likes to think otherwise. One of the founders of AOS International, Harding strives to be the very best in his sector, using his knowledge and experience to make connections that can benefit both him and his clients with his operations focused more on the end results he can provide for them.

For as long as he can remember, Daniel Harding has always been driven to pursue an entrepreneurial career. He has always been passionate about numbers, from problem-solving to business. “Falling into the acquisition business was the right move for me,” said Harding. Aware of the challenges that come with an entrepreneurial career, he strives to be the best, and to achieve his goal, Harding often one-ups himself, refusing to settle into comfort and push for better. “I am going for the top and will stop at nothing to get there,” he declared.

While being good at numbers is an essential asset for every entrepreneur, Harding understands that growth can’t be attained without connecting with other people. Even before starting his career, he was always a good networker, meeting people from all walks of life and learning from them. 

“I have had the pleasure to meet some very influential people in my life that have guided me to get where I am today and where I will be in the future.”

In 2018, Daniel Harding would put all his knowledge and experience to practice when he co-founded AOS International, an international conglomerate that acquires companies in various industries worldwide. The company implements its systems and processes, using the subsidiary network they have built to scale companies with ease. 

AOS International offers a complete service when acquiring a company due to their experience across multiple sectors and marketing companies within their corporate umbrella. The conglomerate can completely take over the marketing department while implementing their systems and automations to automate the rest of the company, saving the biggest consumer of time, which is department communication and correspondence. AOS International then comes in to design everything from A to Z, which, once approved, gets built. In return, the conglomerate takes equity in the companies they service. “Our main focus is finding great industry experts whom we can mobilize from a napkin idea to a fully operational cash flowing machine.”

Although there are other conglomerates in the industry, AOS is built around its policy of making money only when the companies they acquire make money, setting itself apart from other similar companies. “We guarantee we will perform by taking equity instead,” said Harding.

Daniel Harding masterminds the planning and strategies that go into the systems they implement into their acquisitions. He spends his time innovating with his team to develop new strategies to automate and scale the businesses they acquire faster while looking at new acquisition opportunities to expand their holdings. 

After operating for nearly four years, AOS International has already left its mark in the industry, giving Harding hope that the conglomerate will continue to acquire companies and expand its empire. The entrepreneur’s personal goal is to earn global recognition by reaching Forbes 30 under 30 as an industry leader in his space.

Learn more about Daniel Harding and AOS by visiting their official website and LinkedIn.

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