Discusses What to Expect From a Fort Worth DWI Attorney

November 20 05:45 2021 Discusses What to Expect From a Fort Worth DWI Attorney

Like many states in the Union, Texas is taking a strong stance on drunk driving. Even a first offense can carry hefty penalties. When someone is charged with a DWI, they need to know what to expect from hiring a DWI attorney. Continue for additional reading

What Penalties Do DWI Offenders Face in Fort Worth?

Getting behind the wheel and driving while under the influence is dangerous. Not only could drunk drivers put themselves in danger, but they could also put others at risk. Individuals should never drive if they are under the influence because they could get killed or kill others. The following offers some of the penalties a person might face if they are charged with a DWI. 

  • Individuals could face the loss of their driver’s license. The time will depend on the offense and the number of prior offenses. 

  • Monetary fines may also be imposed on DWI offenders. These fees increase with each offense. 

  • DWI offenders will be required to pay court costs. 

  • In some cases, a person who commits a DWI may be required to serve a jail sentence. 

  • DWI offenders may also be required to perform community service for a set number of hours. 

  • Substance abuse counseling is sometimes given as a sentence in DWI cases, according to 

  • Some judges may require a DWI offender to have an ignition interlock device installed on their vehicle so they cannot drive under the influence. 

Understanding a DUI in Texas vs Other States is essential. Individuals need to know what penalties they are facing if they get pulled over and charged for a DWI. Even if a person feels they are under the legal limit, their judgment can still be impaired. A person should never get behind the wheel when they have been drinking or serious consequences could result. 

What to Expect From a DWI Attorney?

Although not required, hiring an attorney is wise when someone faces the serious penalties of DWI offenses. An attorney offers welcome help when a person is defending themselves against a DWI charge. An attorney will work to get the charges reduced or even dropped, though no guarantee can be offered. Those who are interested in getting legal help should seek an attorney such as those found at Jerry Loftin & Associates

It is important to note that the prosecution cannot convict a DWI offender unless they can prove the driver was intoxicated while driving. A DWI defense attorney will work to protect the rights of their client. They will prepare a strong defense against the charges and prepare the court case. 

Do Not Wait to Seek Legal Help

One of the biggest mistakes DWI offenders make is waiting too long to seek legal counsel. Before talking with the police and agreeing to be questioned, individuals need to ask for legal counsel. The attorney can often come to the jail to help their client right away. Getting help from an attorney cannot guarantee any outcome, but it offers great peace of mind and guidance necessary when fighting DWI charges. 

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