Alternet Systems, Inc. Is More Than An Innovative ReVolt EV Motorcycle; It’s An American EV Brand Capitalizing On Global Opportunities (OTC: ALYI)

October 12 06:08 2021

Since first announcing its plans to develop its innovative and stylish ReVolt EV motorcycle, investors have been discussing the value opportunity in Alternet Systems (OTC Other: ALYI) as if it were a one-dimensional, single-product company. While indeed ALYI started that way, its grown substantially. In fact, Alternet Systems is doing what most other EV industry participants aren’t, building an entire EV targeted ecosystem. The rewards to early investors can be substantial. 

And trading at pennies per share, the value proposition is outright compelling. That’s more so after ALYI recently announced revenue guidance of $2 million by the end of this year. Better yet, while an impressive start, it could be a drop in the bucket compared to what’s in store for the company as they penetrate a more than $200 billion global EV market. Moreover, by diversifying its interests to generate multiple sources of revenues, its revenues could spike faster than many expect.

That’s happening already. ALYI already increased its revenue guidance once, taking its initial $1 million forecasts higher by 100%. The doubling in expectations comes after making several value-enhancing deals. Most recently, ALYI announced boosting its revenue-generating capability by building a sustainable electricity production facility in Africa. That facility is expected to streamline revenues and cut overhead considerably, making its income more impactful to the bottom line. 

The better news is that ALYI is maximizing its EV sector opportunities through a creative business strategy that could give it a leg up on some of its competition.

A Different Approach To EV 

Foremost, they target a far less saturated market. Headlines today follow names like Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) and General Motors (NYSE: GM), which are pumping billions into the sector on an annual basis. Their mission is different, though. Both are fighting for market share by introducing electric cars and trucks into a market saturated with combustion-engine powered cars and trucks. Indeed, both can do exceptionally well in those markets. Better yet, both are ushering in the EV revolution. And it benefits everyone in the industry.

More so to those not wanting to go head to head with those EV behemoths. And ALYI knows which battles to pick. Instead, they are focused on markets with substantially less competition by introducing a different kind of electric vehicle into a significantly less saturated market. Even better, the markets they target are essentially untapped by Western companies. ALYI is changing that dynamic.

Those following the company already know ALYI’s ambition is to build out a massive EV market opportunity in Africa. Its footprint then helps establish a roadmap to introduce its electric motorcycles into other less-developed economic markets. The intent is simple- expand its brand globally one market at a time. And by focusing on those that big names are neglecting, ALYI’s potential to establish a competitive advantage over those that follow can be substantial. 

Keep in mind, too. Alternet’s strategy is taking advantage of an ideal opportunity in the African markets. Currently, it has one of the world’s lowest per capita transportation ratios in the world at about 44 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants. Comparing that to global averages, it’s well behind the 180 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants in most countries and significantly less than the 800 vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants in the United States. Thus, being in the right markets at the right time does and will make a difference.

Targeting Defined And Wide Open African EV Markets

And Alternet Systems is. More importantly, they are relatively unopposed in their targeted markets. Its goal in Africa is to increase the number of vehicles per 1,000 inhabitants from 44 to 100. They even have 200 vehicles per 1000 capita in their crosshairs. While it sounds ambitious, its comprehensive ecosystem does provide a head start to reaching that goal. 

Better yet, its ReVolt EV motorcycle is the ideal product to reach its targeted consumer. Moreover, the demand is expected to increase as populations grow and technology makes purchasing these EV vehicles more accessible. Already, the number of vehicles sold globally is staggering, with reports estimating that purchases of motorized 2 and 3 wheeled vehicles reach upwards of 60 million units per year. A substantial portion of those sales come from industrialized countries like the U.S. and those in Europe. Therein lay the opportunity. 

ALYI is looking outside those borders, targeting the roughly 1.2 billion people living in lesser developed economies. And Africa represents a prime geographic territory to stake its claim. 

Specifically, they are exploiting substantial revenue-generating opportunities by seizing its market share in the burgeoning boda-boda (motorcycle taxi) market. It’s a popular and efficient means of transportation in that country, providing inexpensive and quick transportation within a densely populated area. It’s also wide open with opportunities.

Better still, companies like UBER (NYSE: UBER) are helping establish the market, too. For ALYI, that’s excellent news. While UBER develops the service side, ALYI can capitalize on filling the needs in the product side. An UBER market without ample service vehicles simply doesn’t work. And with ALYI presenting an efficient, easy to operate, and cost-effective means for thousands of people to enter the boda-boda business, they are better positioned than most to ride the coattails of UBER’s development. Remember, too, that’s one part of the value proposition.

ALYI EV Ecosystem in The Works

Beyond its mission to deliver 2,000 electric motorcycles into the Kenya markets, ALYI is creating value by building a more broad EV ecosystem to benefit from diversified revenue streams. That puts a more than $16 billion combined African market opportunity into play. Partnerships and strategic agreements are advancing that initiative. 

In fact, ALYI has always been clear that they don’t plan on taking on the massive sector on its own. Instead, they are rolling out a comprehensive EV Ecosystem Business Strategy that includes partnerships and agreements that leverage applications expertise to create shareholder value from multiple segments in the EV markets.

One of its most ambitious projects to bring the EV community together is hosting an EV symposium and conference, an event anchored by an EV race event in Kenya. ALYI expects to attract the biggest names in the business as attendees and participants in the event. More excellent, the rewards can be considerable, with ALYI valuing the economic impact upwards of $80 billion at its inaugural event. 

From an investor’s perspective, it shows ALYI to be a company in motion. And while the pandemic raised some logistical hurdles worldwide, things are again moving forward on the development front. Moreover, with multiple programs and new partnerships in place, like its battery development deal with iQSTEL, Inc. (OTC: IQST), it may be the perfect time to consider investing in ALYI stock before its upcoming developments potentially send the stock skyrocketing.

A Surge In Q3 and Q4, With More In 2022

Indeed, the financial stars may be aligning for Alternet Systems to break higher by the end of this year. And with its financing partner RevoltTOKEN committing to adding financing to advance its ambitious mission, revenue growth and share price increases are likely. 

Moreover, with the EV industry getting more popular than ever and pandemic-related manufacturing delays dissipating, investors may again respect ALYI’s market position and send it back toward its 52-week high of $0.20. From current levels, it puts a more than 1320% gain into play. Keep in mind that ALYI is better positioned and financed today than when they set that high.

The bottom line- a lot is happening at ALYI to drive valuations higher. And while global hurdles may have slowed its plan, it’s far from stopped. In fact, the ALYI plan is not only gaining implementation momentum, but it’s also accelerating quickly. Hence, with the strongest balance sheet in its history, collaborations and partnerships with other industry experts, the planned delivery of its ReVolt EV motorcycles into Kenya, and expectations to post $2 million in revenues, investment consideration in ALYI is both compelling and timely. 

Best of all, combining all that’s in play, expect Alternet Systems to recharge its share price momentum to the upside, making the last part of 2021 and early 2022 a potentially exponential period of company growth. Current prices simply undervalue its assets.


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