Lyncrest Media: The Marketing Solution for Mortgage Professionals

October 11 18:30 2021
Lyncrest Media: The Marketing Solution for Mortgage Professionals

Mortgage brokers often spend a lot of time finding clients, primarily through cold calling. But this takes up a significant bulk of time, and it does not guarantee results. After spending hours on end calling potential leads on the phone, brokers could still end the day empty-handed. Lyncrest Media provides a solution for hardworking mortgage brokers, helping them hit their targets with their streamlined lead-generation process.

Lyncrest Media is a rapidly growing digital agency that has changed the way loan officers operate. They are a full-service lead generation company that helps their clients find qualified leads and close deals. Their proprietary marketing system is highly effective, and they guarantee their clients over 60 appointments within 90 days.

Because mortgage brokers often use the same leads as everyone else in their company, the limited client pool leads to competition among brokers. As a result, these brokers will need to turn to other avenues and sources to increase their sales and productivity. Often they turn to family and friends, asking them for referrals. Or they could buy leads that are shared with other loan officers. 

Lyncrest Media eliminates the hassle of going through hoops to find prospective clients. Instead, they generate exclusive leads through their proprietary technology. Then each prospective lead is vetted, finding out if they are qualified. This company also gathers other pertinent information to determine whether these prospective leads would be a good fit for the brokers.

This mortgage lead generation company also helps their clients save time by doing the heavy lifting for them. Brokers will no longer have to cold-call a list of individuals to convince them to make a significant financial decision. Instead, the Lyncrest Media team will handle the calls and follow-ups until these individuals are ready to book an appointment with the broker. 

This company has created a system that has helped mortgage brokers all over the world. Their team helps keep their clients’ calendars filled with verified, pre-qualified appointments. This surge in call volume of quality leads helps brokers become top performers in their company. 

Lyncrest Media CEO Alex Machuca has provided brokers with a new and innovative way to improve their client acquisition. He said, “Thanks to the system we created, mortgage professionals can focus on their work, without having to worry too much about finding clients and satisfying quotas.” 

At only 32 years old, Alex Machuca has accomplished so much with Lyncrest Media. His company’s streamlined process and high-value results have made it a popular choice among mortgage brokers. In addition, their success in increasing their clients’ customer base has made them the top digital marketing agency for the mortgage industry. They provide exclusive leads and work with a limited number of mortgage brokers per state, and Alex adds, “This is how we dominate territories.”

When mortgage brokers work with Lyncrest Media, cold calling becomes a thing of the past. These brokers can rest assured that they will have their days full of high-quality appointments courtesy of the Lyncrest team. As the real estate market changes, Lyncrest Media is here to assist mortgage professionals in navigating the changing client landscape.

Lyncrest Media is a full-service lead generation company founded by Alex Machuca. The company’s proprietary marketing system helps mortgage professionals double their volume. To learn more, check out their website.

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