Ancient Path Naturals, A Leader in Mushroom Cultivation, Announces Release of New Gourmet Mushrooms Grow Kit

October 08 21:06 2021

Caribou, Maine – Ancient Path Naturals, a leader in mushroom cultivation, has been recognized for helping consumers nationwide inoculate and grow various mushrooms in their own backyards. Bringing over 40 years of mushroom cultivation experience to the market, Ancient Path Naturals has earned acclaim for its high-quality mushroom growing kits and resources, including its newly released gourmet mushrooms grow kit, chicken of the woods, chanterelle. 

The gourmet mushrooms grow kit joins others in the Ancient Path Naturals collection. The kits make home growing easy and fast with simple, step-by-step instructions. Each kit comes with ready-to-plant spore packages that contain organic nutrients and a proprietary mushroom grow blend to guarantee not only the appropriate dispersal of spores but quality and satisfaction at harvest too. For the first time, home consumers can inoculate and grow their own mushroom varieties like a professional, impressing even the most experienced professional chefs and critics.

“In our 40 years, we have developed a reputation for being sustainable harvesters of medicinal and culinary mushrooms, herbs, and forest naturals, and providers of amazing mushroom growing substrates to the market,” remarked Kaitlyn Rich, President of Ancient Path Naturals. “We have always wanted to get more people growing their own mushrooms at home, and our comprehensive growing kits and resources, including written instructions, mushroom forays, and cultivation classes, have helped make this goal a reality,” he added. 

The benefits of medicinal and culinary mushrooms, herbs, and forest naturals have been well documented. Many of these mushrooms and herbs enhance immunity, sharpen focus, and add energy and vitality to the minds and bodies of consumers. Others have shown promising potential for preventing or even treating cancers and other health issues common in modern society. 

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