16-Year-Old Gianna Harner Is Becoming One Of Tik Tok’s Newest Rising Young Stars

October 07 20:12 2021
16-Year-Old Gianna Harner Is Becoming One Of Tik Tok's Newest Rising Young Stars

Gianna Harner (2021)
This teen “Tik Tokker” has recently gone viral more than five times, and now has millions of followers online!

Have you heard her name? The 16-year-old Tik Tok star has probably hit your For You page more than a few times! Gianna Harner is a teenage Tik Tok sensation! After posting videos on the platform and getting tons of positive feedback, it’s no surprise the rising young star Gianna (@giannaspovss), continues to constantly go viral!

At only 16-years-old, she already has over 5 million loyal and dedicated followers! Gianna’s videos have been over almost a-billion times, and she has collected more than 200 million likes across all her videos! While the general theme of her account is life-from-her-perspective, the young star encompasses a wide variety of content on her page. Some videos are aesthetically pleasing, others are choreographed dances, and some are just plain hilarious! 

While Gianna has some amazing content, it is still amazing to see how many times she is constantly having another video go viral, and Gianna is not stopping any time soon! In fact, the youngster is recording and new videos every day that she can show to her fanbase and likely go viral.

Being a Tik Tok star is not easy, especially for a kid like Gianna, but she not only makes it look easy, she also enjoys what she does, and therefore making Tik Tok videos online comes naturally to her. While Gianna is currently at a total of 5.5 million followers on the app, she is expecting to surpass 6 million within the next 4 months!

Be sure to check out Gianna Harner on Tik Tok @giannaspovss

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