Why It’s Harder Than Ever To Get Into Medicine In Australia

September 14 14:00 2021
Why It's Harder Than Ever To Get Into Medicine In Australia
Image: A student in the Med Prep School program preparing for Medicine.
In 2021, the process for getting into Medicine is harder than it’s ever been.

Every year over 14,000 students apply for Medicine, but less than 5% of them actually succeed.

The Medicine Entry system is designed to pick out the top 5% of students who are ‘naturally gifted’ with the IQ and intellectual skills to become our doctors & Medical professionals of the future. 

The reality of the Medicine entry system is that it’s far from perfect, and it’s flaws have created an unfair advantage towards a certain fraction of the Medicine applicants.

Med Prep School has released a comprehensive report that breaks down what the Medicine Entry process is, why it creates an unfair advantage towards some students, and how parents can provide this advantage to their children. 

Interested parents can read their full report at the following link: https://medprepschool.com.au/medicine-harder-than-ever/

This report is perfect for any parent looking to set their child up with the best possible chance of getting into Medicine, particularly for parents with children in Years 9-12 at school.

Med Prep School has also released detailed guides for parents on:

1. The UCAT Exam (https://medprepschool.com.au/study-medicine-in-australia-guide/)

2. School Subject Selection for Medicine Applicants (https://medprepschool.com.au/subject-selection-for-medicine/)

3. Studying Medicine in Australia (https://medprepschool.com.au/what-is-ucat/)

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