Michael LaVista Unveils the Solutions to Various Problems Faced by Technology Experts in His Book Superpowered

September 13 18:39 2021
Michael LaVista Unveils the Solutions to Various Problems Faced by Technology Experts in His Book Superpowered

One of the superpowers is learning. Never stop learning and questioning.
Superpowered highlights seven leadership strategies for technology executives who want to grow a more tech-driven, engaged, and profitable organization. Michael LaVista offers effective practical and actionable tips to help technology experts achieve their objectives.

Michael LaVista, the founder, and CEO of Caxy Interactive, a Chicago-based software consulting and development agency, has released his book titled ‘Superpowered.’ It contains priceless advice from 37 technology executives on leveraging the power of technology to achieve remarkable outcomes.

“Superpowered goes to the core of why some companies have technology leaders who succeed in growing themselves and the value of the work through seven key superpowers,” says Michael LaVista while explaining why he wrote the book. “Readers will realize that being successful in tech is a lot more about these seven leadership superpowers and a lot less about specific tech.”

Michael started the book on the concept of a growth mindset. He labels it the gateway superpower. He says that everyone needs to cultivate the belief that they can change and grow. It is a core skill that can open up new opportunities and growth possibilities. 

Superpowered deals with the seven powers, namely vision, influence, listening, learning, design thinking, story-telling, and mindset. 

The book is aimed at those technology superheroes constantly trying to get the attention of their leaders to impress upon them the power that technology has to transform their company and supercharge its success potentially.

Superpowered offers the correct answers to tech experts struggling to put together a more focused team on their agendas instead of collectively achieving a common goal.

Michael has some more advice for people who want to work alone in achieving their objectives.

“One of my motivations for writing the book was to try to save someone a decade of banging their head against the wall and trying to figure everything out from scratch. These ideas are ones I might have resisted in the beginning. Maybe these ideas are the ones that resonate with a reader. But keep searching out other voices to find ones that work for you. Don’t try to do it all on your own,” is his advice to such executives.

For more information: https://www.makemesuperpowered.com/  

About Michael LaVista:

Michael LaVista is the founder and CEO of Caxy Interactive. This Chicago-based software development firm works with fintech, manufacturing, healthcare, HR tech, higher education, nonprofit, and startup companies to create outcome-based software. Michael has acted as a strategic advisor to dozens of CIOs, CTOs, and CEOs on developing, evolving, and repairing mission and business-critical software. He has over 20 years of experience and hence understands those roles and problems and challenges they face. In addition to running Caxy, Michael is also a musician who plays guitar in a local band. He resides in a northern suburb of Chicago with his wife, Angela, Rocco, Blaise, and their dog, Oliver. 

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