First Patent Issued to Leading Biotechnology Company Houston Gene Therapeutics

July 30 01:24 2021
Dr. Paul Hermonat and his team continue to revolutionize the industry with an important breakthrough for the Houston Gene Therapeutics. With this development, the company sets its eyes on future gene therapy treatments for major diseases of inflammatory disease, cancer, and aging.

Leading company biotechnology company Houston Gene Therapeutics, LLC has announced it has been issued its first patent for 17/078,163 for the AAV-gene therapy patent “Compositions for treatment of vascular disease” on July 6, 2021. 

The first patent for Houston Gene Therapeutics supports the “HGT-Cardio-1” product. Dr. Paul Hermonat, the company’s Chief Executive Officer and founder, says this patent/vector targets a very large, critical market and need, which are older people with vascular diseases. 

“This allowance, our first, is an important breakthrough for the company, and we believe in the treatment of vascular disease, the most prolific disease of the aged,” says Dr. Hermonat.

The company has three additional family US PAT applications submitted or planned. 

Dr. Hermonat says the company’s AAV (adeno-associated viruses) vector is packed with two therapeutic genes and uses an engineered pathology-responsive transcriptional promoter, exclaimed as ‘with built-in safeguard.’  

“We believe in HGT’s new design, exhibited in this new vector. It promises new hope toward significantly lowering deaths due to vascular disease, even reversing disease, and represents a new vision in the formulation of future medical treatments,” Dr. Hermonat asserts, adding that AAV treatments last for years. 

Dr. Hermonat stressed that the therapeutic vector has the potential to treat other inflammatory diseases as well.

HGT has led the charge in treating non-specific familial AHAS (atherosclerosis, heart attack, and stroke) diseases using treatments that address the main-stream known, histologically identified, “dominant hallmarks” of disease, such as white blood cell trafficking and abnormal lipid build-up, which are root causes of AHAS. 

Dr. Hermonat himself is a pioneer in the field of AAV gene therapy and is credited with an impressive list of groundbreaking “earliest” discoveries in the field. 

Since the start of AAV gene therapy research, Dr. Hermonat has forged a legacy of landmark research – laying the foundation for HGT today. This rich history of cutting-edge research and distinguished accomplishment serves as the foundation of HGT’s mission.   

The biotechnology company has carved out a solid space in the industry by developing, manufacturing, and delivering the safest and most effective long-term treatments to fight diseases, including cardiovascular inflammation, aging, and cancer, using AAV-based gene therapy technologies.

With the developments, Dr. Hermonat announced that HGT plans future gene therapy treatments for major diseases of inflammatory disease, cancer, and aging. He adds that the company also plans to develop vector production facilities. 

Those who want to learn more about Houston Gene Therapeutics’ groundbreaking discoveries or wish to join HGT in its fight against great diseases may visit its website for more information.

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