Zulu Sleep helping veterans to sleep better with premium weighted blanket and mattress

July 29 23:39 2021
Zulu Sleep assures better sleep for veterans through therapeutic weighted blankets that have proven to keep the mind calm for a sound sleep by reducing anxiety and PTSD disorders.

Rossville, Georgia – July 29, 2021 – Veterans suffer from 2-3x more rates of insomnia in comparison to civilians. Major reasons behind sleep issues in veterans are anxiety disorders and PTSD given their tough past while serving the military. However, Georgia-based veteran-owned company, Zulu Sleep, is determined to make veterans sleep better every single night. In that light, the business has come up with industry-leading weighted blankets and mattresses that have proven its users will enjoy a peaceful slumber every night.

“By veterans, and for veterans, Zulu Sleep is dedicated to make life better for all veterans. As veterans ourselves, we know most of our fellow veterans have a difficult time sleeping. That should be addressed as fast as possible since incomplete sleep can take a toll on your overall quality of life. It should be stressed here, the issue of sleeplessness in veterans is mostly caused by PTSD and anxiety disorders. Thus, to resolve the problem of insomnia, the most crucial thing to do here is to find a solution that could address these psychological troubles and keep the mind calm. This is where our Zulu Sleep weighted blankets and mattress will come to help”, stated Matt Gann and Jimmy Moncrief, the founders of Zulu Sleep. 

While Matt is a former Air Force personnel, Jimmy is a Marine Corps Veteran.

“Our weighted blankets are scientifically proven to help with PTSD and anxiety issues which eventually work to calm the mind and enable a person to enjoy a sound uninterrupted sleep. We have undertaken thorough research to find the most viable way to help with sleep and discovered that a weighted blanket is the best natural solution.”

Zulu Sleep offers high quality therapeutic weighted blankets made with premier quality materials. All the blankets are manufactured with 100% cotton fabric on the outside as well as glass beads to add on the “weighted” factor. The glass beads used are non-toxic and hypoallergenic. The company also uses hypoallergenic poly-fil to keep the blanket soft, fluffy, and comfortable. The blanket is available for both King and Queen-size beds. Users will also find the weighted blankets in small sizes for children. 

Regarding mattresses, Zulu Sleep has come up with custom, top-of-the-line mattresses that have been meticulously crafted from breathable and eco-friendly materials. Intelligently designed to provide optimum airflow with a cooling effect, the Zulu mattress creates a comfortable bedding to ensure a relaxing sleep every night. 

The mattress is available in several sizes, ranging from California King, King, Queen, Twin XL, Twin, as well as smaller and custom sizes. 

“We are not like any other weighted blanket and mattress company out there. Rather, we consider ourselves as a dedicated ‘sleep company’. We are committed to help you sleep better so that you can kick-start your day with positive vibes the next morning. All of our products are made in the U.S.A. so you can be completely assured that you are investing in the highest quality weighted blanket and mattress only.” 

For more information, please visit https://www.zulusleep.com 

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