My Body By Dance (MBBD) Brings Dance Fitness to Every Home

February 25 07:24 2021
The dance website wants everybody to experience the benefits of dance fitness.

My Body By Dance (MBBD) spreads the benefits of dance fitness through fun, easy-to-follow online dance classes.

Dancing is just like any aerobic activity in how it burns calories and improves cardio health as well posture, balance, flexibility and range of motion. It also affects the mental and emotional state. It can alleviate stress and boost one’s mood. Ballroom and Latin dancing, for example, are great fitness workouts with documented physical and mental health benefits.

MBBD features its dance fitness classes based on the techniques and movements of the most popular ballroom and Latin dances like rumba, cha-cha, tango, waltz, salsa, swing and many more.

“Dance fitness stretches beyond just the physical benefits of cardio workouts,” stated a representative from MBBD. “Ballroom and Latin dancing are surprisingly easy to learn. Based on simple foot movements and elements that progress over time, anyone can be successful at using dance for fitness.”

MBBD details that physical movement to music is relaxing and easy to learn. The creative outlet is both uplifting and amazing. Dance fitness may seem like just an enjoyable activity on the surface, but it acts as work out — improving muscle strength and toning arms, legs and the core.

All MBBD classes are specifically designed for at-home online workouts. Its unique curriculum uses dance techniques in repetitive patterns to simulate a dancer’s workout. Their programs range from beginner to high-intensity interval training and choreography programs.

They teach classes for cardio, toning, vitality and partnership. Cardio workouts are designed to raise one’s heart rate. Toning is strength training without weights. Vitality works on the muscles with the whole body expressing the dancer’s emotions to movement. And partnership is a dance workout for two, another form of loved ones spending more time with each other.

A five-star review from Juliet G., a satisfied member, stated, “Great workout for everyone. And you can work on your ballroom dancing at the same time. That’s a win-win situation. There are so many great classes and talented teachers. I can highly recommend the whole package to whoever looking for a new workout.”

MBBD is a subscription-based experience with monthly or annual renewal options. Subscribers have full access to all live online classes and an on-demand library of classes. More information can be found at

About My Body By Dance

My Body By Dance (MBBD) is a dance fitness website that features cardio and toning classes based on the techniques and movements of the most popular ballroom and Latin dances.

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