Kemal Tepret Makes Celebrities Act For Popile Users

November 25 17:06 2020
The brand new Popile app will invite celebrities into your memories.

Social media has transformed our lives forever. Individuals use social media apps for sharing moments and thoughts every day. Some see it as a platform for promotion and advertising, whereas others follow trends and the news.

Kemal Tepret, a young undergraduate entrepreneur and app developer from Istanbul, brings new horizons to social media by enabling people to communicate with their favorite celebrities. The brand-new social app Popile is Tepret’s latest venture in the sector, built upon the experience he gained making another successful grapevine app Potinss. The young entrepreneur took part in development when he was studying Computer Science at Santa Clara University. During his studies, he decided to carry on Media and Visual Arts at Koc University.

Potinss made its debut in 2017 and went both viral and controversial especially among high school students. Over 150,000 downloads on Google Play Store and 250,000 downloads on the App Store marked a successful launch. Tepret’s Potinss app was listed in Top Charts at #7 on the App Store. It was just the beginning. His expertise in software development, social media, and visual arts gave Tepret an idea to bring celebrities into the jolly memories of ordinary people. In this innovative new social media platform, the users will be able to get in contact with their favorite celebrities and request personalized videos for their special moments and celebrations such as birthdays.

Tepret is planning to take his success one step further with the Popile app. High-quality, personalized, premium videos shot by celebrities will warm the hearts of Popile users. Service fees and celebrity variety are unknown yet, however, musicians, bands, actresses/actors, athletes, and other famous individuals will be available. The app currently offers offline services at, future releases will feature live chat with celebrities.

About Kemal Tepret

Kemal Tepret is a young Turkish entrepreneur in the digital market, specializing in social media and visual arts. Although his family owns Kemal Tepreto─čullar─▒ Inc., one of Turkey’s largest automotive companies and the largest Renault, Nissan, Ford and Dacia dealer, he chose the digital path for his career. Currently an undergraduate at Koc University, he is a proud member of the Fenerbahçe SK Congress. Helping the less fortunate has always been an important part of Tepret’s life, he volunteered in fundraising activities for the Education Center for the Visually Impaired (GETEM) and participated in Mother-Child Education Foundation’s (ACEV) ‘Being a Good Dad’ project. His resume can be found at

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