TR Cutler Founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium Looks at ETO ERP Advances

September 15 08:04 2020
TR Cutler Founder of the Manufacturing Media Consortium Looks at ETO ERP Advances

Manufacturing journalist, TR Cutler discussed many ETO (engineer-to-order) companies may now automate the entire end-to-end process surrounding product configuration, design, engineering, and production. Read the AutomationMedia article here. 

According to Cutler, until recently few ETO technology solutions were truly best-in-class. Technology which improves the manufacturing process by honoring the engineering teams has been distinctly absent for those managing ETO projects. Engineer-to-order manufacturers have many active projects with long lead times, require project-management capabilities to plan and schedule the stages of a project and communicate to customers. 

Cutler found COUNTERPART automation technology empowers engineers with the knowledge whether a project is on-schedule and on-budget. Automation provides real-time visibility of potential problems or overruns which must be corrected before costs escalate. Only when project management and the ability to collect and report costs are automated, can the potential profitability be realized. 

Without integration to SOLIDWORKS engineers must manually enter data into property fields (causing potential human error). Alternatively, non-engineering administrators may manually enter data into fields inaccurately as well. These fields can be directly automated into an ETO ERP technology, but sadly are often placed into a spreadsheet. It makes no sense with an automated technology model that someone is manually reentering data. These mistakes cause incorrect parts to be produced, costing both time and money. 

Engineering-centric manufacturers have created workarounds to cope with the older ETO ERP solutions. Workarounds included creating false BOMs, then cancelling individual items, then reordering them later as part of the BOM, hoping that procurement remembers to order.  

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