“Keep on Moving”, a Hit Single by Musical Sensation Roobens Steve is out to Encourage Self-Confidence with Positive Energy among Individuals

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“Keep on Moving”, a Hit Single by Musical Sensation Roobens Steve is out to Encourage Self-Confidence with Positive Energy among Individuals

July 02
01:46 2020

Chicago, Illinois – July 2, 2020 – Roobens Steve “Rooby Man” Dieujuste, a seasoned writer, producer and performer has proudly announced the release of his new single titled “Keep on moving”. The new inspiring and spirit-lifting song explains the core values of humanity, encouraging people to have a sense of basic reasoning, motivation, steadfastness, tenacity, determination, and altruistic human behavioral nature. It gives hope to those with positive energy to keep their heads up as they strive to reach their goals while negative people are seriously warned to find their ways, urging them to maintain a far distance. The song is a fusion of hiphop, pop and reggae.

Rooby Man has discovered the effective use of hip-hop to deliver his message effectively to the younger ones and people aspiring for greatness in life. Lending from his influences in modern hip-hop, Rooby Man creates a product that inspires faith, promotes self-confidence, educates the listener, and maintains his street credibility with well-produced beats and overall mix which captures the dynamics of modern hip-hop hit record.

As a well-known musician, Rooby Man hails from the island of Haiti, but currently residing in Chicago, Illinois. His popularity has enabled him to perform both locally and internationally, earning him multiple awards, including a stand out performance at the 30th Annual Chicago Music Awards where Chicago artists Kanye West and Jennifer Hudson have previously graced the stage.

“The intro of the single, keep your heads up higher, keep your energy higher, keep your spirit higher, just don’t be afraid and keep on moving, keep on going, keep on fighting (good fight), keep on praying… encourages everyone to focus on his goals with absolute concentration and positive energy,” says Rooby Man, while speaking about the inspiration behind the song. “It’s called “Keep on moving” it talks about positivity, good energy, good vibes; some people even said it speaks to the movement,” says he added.

The single would make an excellent addition and enlightenment to all age groups in the society as it establishes the fact that all humans have great potentials to achieve whatever they want to achieve and become who they want to become as well. It stresses the fact that no environmental factor can stop a determined man, be it nativity, religion, war, or people with negative influences. It also encourages those with negative energy to change for good to create a peaceful and supporting environment for everyone to thrive and flourish. It noted that basic humanity allows every individual to recognize the inherent value of other people, regardless, man has all it takes to reach his goals with prayers and consistency. This single is presently available on YouTube and all the major music outlets.

Rooby Man has gone on to craft a notable career through his signature sound and stylization, touching on equal part originality and familiarity. He is an artistic, motivated, expressive, innovative, energetic, rousing and humble pop star who has already gathered a local following in Chicago and is continuing to connect with a cross cultural audience. He has written, co-produced and recorded countless tracks. He has performed many of these, including his hit single “Take her home with me” and “Dance for me” at venues throughout the Chicago-land area, with “I’m feeling true love” being the latest in the rank.

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