2019 Xi’an High-tech Zone North American Innovation Center ‘Traffic Big Data and Smart Transportation’ Forum Held in the United States

February 27 03:09 2020

In the last week of 2019, Xi’an High-tech Zone North American Innovation Center, joined forces with local companies in the U.S transportation industry, academic institutes and investing agencies to focus on the topic of big data and explore its huge application in the field of intelligent transportation. Big data on transportation has always been one of the most popular topics discussed in the academic community. The event invited the leaders of three top transportation research institutes in the United States (UC Berkeley, UC San Diego, and University of Michigan) to share their experience. After these three guests shared, team members of several star startups in the field of transportation big data also shared from the application perspective. Momenta Ventures, Strive Capital, Fresco Ventures then shared their investment strategies in transportation sector.

‘Traffic Big Data and Smart Transportation’ Forum

Karen Alexa has been a research center coordinator for many years at the University of Michigan, which has been the world’s leading autonomous vehicle research center. Based on her experience working at the institute, Karen shared how big data can be used in machine learning. ‘Traffic flow forecasting and analysis’ as the most important link in the field of intelligent transportation, directly determines the performance and application scope of intelligent transportation systems. An excellent prediction model can not only make travelers reasonably arrange their travel modes, departure and arrival times and routes, save unnecessary time waste, improve work and life efficiency, but also allow government service departments to understand and predict road conditions information in a timely manner. Data traffic is an important issue not only in academic researches, but also one of the many topics that entrepreneurs are most concerned about. At this forum, Xi’an High-tech Zone North America Innovation center, together with many well-known incubators in the United States, including SVI Hub, Berkeley Skydeck, Plug and Play, invited several entrepreneurs in the field of transportation big data to share their experience

‘Traffic Big Data and Smart Transportation’ Forum

StreetLight Data started in 2011 in San Francisco. The company is committed to optimizing traffic planning through its own data-driven platform to provide government congestion solutions. Laura Schewel, founder of StreetLight Data, graduated from Yale University. She has worked at the US Department of Transportation for many years. During the sharing session, Laura showed InSight, which is StreetLight Data’s latest visualized interactive traffic demand management system. The system has obtained a number of patents. It can optimize the design of bicycle lanes, sidewalks and traffic routes for the government through data collection and big data analysis. As a result, the platform provides huge assistance in connection vehicles and transportation improvement for enterprises.

‘Traffic Big Data and Smart Transportation’ Forum

The next part of the sharing session was even more exciting. Several well-known U.S. venture capital funds including Momenta Ventures, Strive Capital, Fresco Capital shared their investment layout in the field of smart transportation. Momenta Ventures is an early-stage venture capital fund which focus on IoT industry. Its partner Ben Steven had many years of industry experience before joining. Ben said that intelligent transportation is one of the most important parts of IoT. In the past three years, Momenta Ventures has made dozens of investments in the field of intelligent transportation. Ben also said that with the increasing maturity of 5G technology, 21st century will be a booming period for intelligent transportation. Momenta Ventures will continue to expend its investment in this sector.

The next decade of the 21st century will be a decade of transportation. This forum gathered people from different groups. Chinese and American institutions will join together to promote the application of big data in transportation. The next decade of the 21st century is not only a decade of looking up at the stars, but also a decade of moving the industry forward. We look forward to more high-quality events held by Xi’an High-tech Zone North American Innovation Center together with its partners.

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