Y-Warm is an idea alternative material to down, and can protect birds from being harmed

February 27 03:06 2020

When it comes to warm-keeping, the first thing that comes to mind is the light-weighted fluffy down. To obtain down, the geese and ducks are often plucked alive so that their down can be stuffed inside outerwear, bedding, and other products. This brutal production has been always criticized by animal protection organizations. Beijing Y-Warm Technologies Co. Ltd has developed a new material Y-Warm with excellent thermal insulation. Y-Warm has won Top ten Award in ISPO Textrends 2021/22 in the 50th ISPO Munich and has drawn multiple attention as soon as it entered the market. The application of Y-Warm offers an ideal alternative to down and creates a more animal-friendly world.


According to CTO Mr. Feipeng Zhang, Y-Warm is a revolutionary insulation material due to its unique combined features.

Y-Warm, which consists of environmentally-friendly functional polymer materials and polyester substrates, is a soft and easy-handling material. The thermal conductivity of Y-Warm has been tested with existing methods, as shown in the following table. Obviously, Y-Warm shows an outstanding performance in thermal insulation, with a thermal conductivity at the range of 0.00824 to 0.026 obtained by different testing methods. The extremely low thermal conductivity grants Y-Warm the first necessary requirement to become an alternative to down.


The second unique combined feature of Y-Warm is being light, thin, moisture-permeable and quick-drying, which is extremely critical for many application fields. The thickness of Y-Warm is ca. 0.67 mm with the width of 1.5 m. The weight is 43 g/m2. The soft light Y-Warm meets the second necessary requirement to become an alternative to down. In addition, the thinness of Y-Warm renders space for tailoring. The moisture-permeability and quick-dry of Y-Warm is ideal for outdoor.

The next question for Y-Warm with such an excellent united performance will be followed by the safety issues and environmental concerns. CTO Mr. Feipeng Zhong has revealed that the production of Y-Warm is under an aqueous system and the only exhaust is water vapor which can be recycled. The application of Y-Warm in clothing can replace conventional down, therefore reduce the harm to animals and create a more animal-friendly harmonious environment. The volatile organic compound (VOC) of Y-Warm cannot be detected. The antimicrobial test shows that Y-Warm meets the AAA level. To access more tests for safety and environmental issues, please visit http://en.y-warm.com.

Y-Warm can be applied in the temperature range of -50 oC to 150 oC and in the fields such as clothing, outdoors, insulation in constructions/transportation and so on. This product is bringing more opportunities and creativities in clothing and other relevant fields. More important, a friendlier world to animals will be created with the substitution of down by Y-Warm.

About Beijing Y-Warm Technologies Co. Ltd

The project of Y-Warm is launched in 2013 in Beijing. Y-Warm was firstly succeeded in lab R&D in 2017 and the industrialization was achieved in 2019.

To access more information about Y-Warm, please visit http://en.y-warm.com.

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